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Folisin is a remedy for thick and lush hair. Buy in Australia with 50% discount

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Hair loss, fragility and loss of shine are common problems in urban areas. Their growth slows down over the years. They start to thin out. This happens due to hereditary predisposition, hormonal disruptions, trauma or damage to the skin. Sometimes medications, diseases of organs and systems are the cause.

Often, alopecia is a consequence of endocrine system disorders against the background of a lack of zinc, iron and other trace elements in the body. Complicated all by chronic stress, improper care. Elimination of the problem requires an integrated approach, including the intake of herbal preparations.

About the product

Folisin promotes rapid hair growth. Thanks to the active ingredients, the follicles are stimulated. When taking a course:

  • hair loss decreases;
  • the hairstyle becomes thicker;
  • hormonal levels are normalized;
  • the duration active phase of growth;
  • blood circulation of the scalp increases.

As a result of using the drug, you can get smoothness, silkiness and natural shine of curls. As a result of the intake, blood circulation in the scalp improves. The drug is suitable for people who have previously undergone treatment, but have not received the desired result.

package Folisin

Only today! 42% discount

150 AU$ 86.99 AU$

Composition of Folisin

The product contains exclusively natural ingredients. They trigger the natural mechanisms of hair restoration.

Among the active ingredients:

  • Black pepper extract. Improves the absorption of beta-carotene and selenium. Stimulates protein synthesis in tissues, increasing the elasticity of the structure of each hair.
  • Pumpkin seed extract. Contains a large amount of useful trace elements, essential fatty acids. Improves hair color, enhances the regenerating functions of tissues.
  • EVNolMax ™. Blend of Vitamin E and Tocotrienol. Supports hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Phosphatidic acid. Supports hair growth, induces an active phase.
  • Vitamin-mineral complex. The composition contains all the components to maintain the health and pigmentation of the hair. Supports hormonal balance.

Mechanism of action and use

The main component is AnaGain ™ Nu, which is obtained from pea sprouts. It has unique characteristics:

  • stimulates the formation of new hair;
  • reduces the resting phase;
  • protects the follicle from oxidation;
  • inhibits the process of the appearance of gray hair.

Clinical studies have shown that the main component increases hair growth by 78% in three months. The growth phase increases from 4 to 7.2. The amount of hair loss per month has decreased by 34%. After another 30 days, the figure increased to 37%.

Doctors recommend taking one capsule twice a day. They should be taken with a sufficient amount of liquid. The first effect can be seen one month after use. The product is completely safe for health. To consolidate the result, you can repeat the course, but no later than after 6 months.

Where to buy goods in Australia, Ireland, UK, USA, Singapore?

Folisin is not sold through pharmacy chains. Many pharmaceutical companies understand that the quick effect of treatment will make other therapies less in demand. Online sales allow you not only to get a product at home, but also to do it at a cost without additional markups. The official website sells an original product that has all the necessary quality certificates. If necessary, you can always get additional advice.

package Folisin

Only today! 42% discount

150 AU$ 86.99 AU$

Expert opinion

Trichologist Mason Brahms:

Hair loss is caused by endogenous and exogenous factors. Treatment with external therapy often does not give the desired effect, therefore drugs used internally are also important. It is impossible to solve it without vitamins C, PP, A, group B and zinc. Folisin contains a rich complex of vitamins and minerals that actively help to fight for healthy and strong hair. Thanks to plant extracts, the drug acts mildly. The aging process of cells slows down. They become resistant to various factors.

Customer Reviews

Martin, California:

After 40 years, he began to actively go bald. Tried several types of shampoos. Friends recommended various supplements, but they did not work. After starting taking Folisin, it took about a month when the results appeared. After a year there were no bald patches.

Alonzo (Italy):

Due to stress and overload, hair began to fall out actively. Acquired Folisin straight away. I took the capsules twice a day, but the month was not enough for the full effect, so the doctor and I decided to continue the treatment. The effect was not long in coming.

. Astor (Germany):

I work as a doctor in one of the private clinics. Men often come to the appointment with a problem of hair loss. Recently I got acquainted with a natural and safe drug, which I immediately tested in practice. Folisin has proven effective, none of the clients experienced negative consequences.

package Folisin

Only today! 42% discount

150 AU$ 86.99 AU$

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