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Revamin Lash is an effective balm for strengthening eyelashes. Buy in Australia with 50% discount

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Dreaming of long, luxurious, thick eyelashes? Everything is possible thanks to Revamin Lash balm serum. The product strengthens the hair structure, accelerates growth, noticeably lengthens and thickens. It also moisturizes the eyelashes, making them thick and strong.

About Revamin Lash

Revamin Lash is a serum designed specifically for women who want to have thick, long eyelashes. It will accelerate the recovery after build-up, help to increase the natural density, make the look attractive and open. Falling out, brittle, just short cilia - the tool solves all of the above problems. The secret of the whey's effectiveness lies in its unique composition. The active ingredients create conditions for thickening, lengthening of hairs.

The results of regular use of Revamin Lash:

  • thick long cilia;
  • stimulation of the bulbs and, accordingly, acceleration of growth;
  • an increase in the density of hairs, restoration of their normal structure;
  • nutrition, strengthening.

Panthenol, biotin and other active substances nourish, strengthens weak hairs that are daily exposed to negative external factors. Do you think that the condition of your eyelashes has worsened as a result of extensions, perms or constant use of decorative cosmetics? These problems can be solved - just buy a special serum and use it regularly.

The composition of Revamin Lash

The unique rich composition of the eyelash serum sets it apart from other similar products. Active ingredients of the formula:

  • Caffeine. Has a pronounced antioxidant effect, accelerates hair growth. A bonus will be the reduction of dark circles around the eyes.
  • Biotin. Strengthens cilia, restores their normal structure, thickens.
  • Zinc. The element has a beneficial effect on the structure of the hairs, strengthens them, noticeably accelerates growth.
  • Arginine. An effective product for moisturizing hair, skin, relieving irritation, strengthening the lipid barrier.
  • Panthenol. Makes eyelashes smooth and moisturized, repairs damaged areas.
  • Glycerin. It also restores, deeply moisturizes and cares for, prevents the action of negative environmental factors.
  • Sodium hyaluronate. Elixir of youth and beauty for your eyelashes. It moisturizes, strengthens the bulbs, acts as a mild keralitic agent.

How to use

Use the serum daily. First wash off the makeup, then apply it along the lash line and let it absorb. Best results can be achieved with morning and evening use.

Where to buy in Australia, Ireland, UK, USA, Singapore - at a pharmacy or online?

You cannot buy eyelash serum at a pharmacy. Everything is simple - it is simply not profitable for pharmacy chains to sell such effective products with a 100% guarantee of results (sales of other drugs will fall). But you can always make an order through our website. In stock are presented certified, original, highly effective products. You will get exactly what you see in the photo. We set affordable prices, regularly hold promotions. Hurry to place an order without prepayment and get a great discount.

Expert opinion

Mila Kidich, lesh-maker:

Eyelash extensions according to different sources are one of the most popular beauty treatments. But if you regularly carry it out, the condition of your own hairs worsens - they become thinner, break. Not all masters are true professionals in their field - and this is also a problem. An amateur can damage natural delicate eyelashes in just one session - and recovery will take a long time.I tell my clients that extension can and should be done - the question is how, what and with whom. You also need to properly remove artificial beauty - with a special tool, in the salon, and not tearing off by force at home in front of a mirror. If you need to restore the density of the eyelashes, use special products. Revamin Lash is one of the best options out there today. The serum is ideal for thin, weakened eyelashes, helping to quickly restore them. You can use the drug to prevent, accelerate growth and increase hair density. From the experience of clients, I can say that the results are really there (but the regularity of application is important).

Customer reviews of Revamin Lash

Ilona, ​​33 years old, Italy:

Revamin Lash serum was recommended to me by a friend as the best way to restore eyelashes after extension. I didn't believe in the result she described, but lo and behold, everything is fine. In a couple of weeks, the hairs of the industry have become thicker. I will continue to use it and apply it for prevention.

Mirta, 41 years old, Czech Republic:

Not every eyelash serum really helps - and the reason is in the composition. This product contains biotinyltripeptide - the secret to maximizing the effectiveness of the formula. If you are looking for a product that will actually work, you have found it.

Katrin, 27, Romania:

The tool did not help me at all. Well at least there were no side effects. I can’t recommend it because I didn’t cope with the task.

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