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Xtrasize - increase the length of the member from 3 to 7 cm real! Buy in Australia with 50% discount


What to do if serious problems arise in bed, and the size of the penis does not suit you? The tool for increasing the XtraSize member is created for real men who are ready to become chic lovers.The composition of the preparation is selected according to the synergetic principle, implying a mutual enhancement of the effectiveness of the components. Thanks to this, maximum efficiency is achieved. The manufacturer indicates that for 1 course the dimensions will increase by at least 3 cm. But when applying BAA course for 6 months you can count on all the 7,5 cm!

Indications for use XtraSize

  • Relations with the girl seem complicated, and you forgot about orgasms;
  • member is listless and small, which makes you feel and be shy;
  • an erection seems insufficient (and you can not even understand what is the reason);
  • The penis is covered with a strange white coating in the morning;
  • pain you feel when you try to "enter" the girl;
  • the condom drives down the whole mood and does not let you relax;
  • sex ends too quickly (and the beloved does not even have time to feel anything);
  • The partner laughs at you and says that the penis is small;
  • The embarrassment and strange "sense of inferiority" have haunted you since childhood;
  • intimacy is accompanied by continuous stress and failure.

ATTENTION! Scientists have conducted a study and found that girls experience maximum orgasms only if the partner has a member more than 14 cm. In other cases, disappointed or encouraging say: "Size is not the main thing! Thank you. You were good..."(true, more out of pity for you). To make these problems less, you should try XtraSize.

Features of the tool and its advantages

You take the XtraSize additive according to the manufacturer's instructions. Active microelements are sent to the genitourinary system, and then they begin to gently affect the cavernous bodies. Those gradually expand, "get drunk" with blood. The erection becomes stone, and the systematic use of the product provides a stable growth of 3, 5, or even 7.5 cm! The manufacturer indicates that the penis increases not only in length, but also in volume.

Components that are part of "ExtraSize", differ in the cumulative effect. This means that 2 months after the end of the course you will be proud of the voluminous member (and not once again blush, covering the "causal place" by hand). Girls like it when the guy "big", and XtraSize will help you get the maximum result.

5 reasons to try an additive

  • The effect on the male body is complex and gentle;
  • the quality of treatment is confirmed by a number of studies and trials;
  • composition is selected on the basis of a complex of natural substances;
  • the risk of allergic reactions is not detected (there are also no contraindications);
  • The application of the instructions is simple and straightforward.

What will give the drug XtraSize?

  • Sex will become vivid and filled with orgasms;
  • the erection will be literally stone;
  • the term will increase both in thickness and in length;
  • relations with girls will be restored;
  • the penis will stop ache;
  • the head will not blush and get irritated;
  • libido will increase;
  • The risk of "falls", "lethargy" and "misfires" will be minimized;
  • self-confidence will allow you to make love endlessly.

What micronutrients provide the maximum efficacy of the drug?

Inside the supplements are collected natural herbs, extracts and extracts that affect the male body and improve endurance in bed.

  1. Grass Horny Goat Weed restores a stone erection and promotes natural "stretching" of cavernous bodies.
  2. Maca increases the penis, strengthens the potency, strengthens the libido.
  3. With Palmetto is a pledge of male activity, eliminates inflammatory and infectious processes, returns normal prostate size.
  4. Centipede vulgaris copes with a sense of fatigue, soreness, tends to sexual behavior.
  5. L-Arginine HCl is the key to the complex strengthening of immunity and improving your well-being.

ATTENTION! Also inside the drug are L-Lysine HCl, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Muira Puama, pumpkin, cranberries and other natural ingredients.


Instructions for the use of a means to enlarge the penis

The manufacturer indicates that you need to take 1 tablet 2 times a day. The duration of the course is from 1 month to 6 months.

Expert opinion

"ExtraSize" I would recommend to use in combination with other natural substances and microelements. Perhaps this will allow you to strengthen the effectiveness of treatment.

Hugo, Urologist (France).


Reviews of patients about "ExtraSize"

It seems to me that the friend began to lie in another way in his hand. As if really increased!

Axel, 22 years old (Germany)

The morning erection returned in about 2-3 weeks of constant intake of tablets.

Patryk, 48 years old (Poland)

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