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Bentolit for weight loss. Buy in Ireland at a discount!

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Symptoms of toxin poisoning include not only extra pounds, but also digestive problems such as acid reflux or a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. To effectively cleanse the body, detoxification is necessary. Alas, detoxing the wrong way can cause even more suffering. Popular juice diets lead to a slower metabolism. In addition, squeezing the juice from fruits or vegetables leads to a loss of fiber, which is very useful for weight loss.

Thus, it is better to trust the innovative, but proven and natural method of detoxification – rational nutrition in combination with the use of Bentolit.

About the product Bentolit

Bentolit is a healing drink containing volcanic clay. The latter is a natural absorbent and helps remove impurities and excess fluid from the body. This drink will help you lose weight as well as improve digestive function.

Bentolit contains only natural ingredients which give this product an edge over other synthetic and chemical products that are claimed to do the same. Consumers can experience weight loss in just a few weeks of use.

package Bentolit
Only today! 50% discount
98 € 49 €

Composition of Bentolit

The composition of the preparation includes the following components:

  • Soy protein isolate, which provides energy and speeds up the process of burning fat.
  • Oat fibers cleanse the body and help get rid of bad cholesterol.
  • Coffee powder that speeds up the metabolism in the body and gives energy.
  • Dandelion, which helps to improve bowel function.
  • Ginger root, which speeds up the digestion process and reduces appetite.

In fact, Bentolit is composed entirely of natural ingredients. They act effectively as a remedy for weight loss problems.

How to use the product

To use Bentolit, you need to measure out 2 full spoons of powder and pour them into a glass. A portion of the product must be mixed with 200 ml of water or skim milk and mixed thoroughly. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then stir again. To obtain a uniform texture, it is best to use a shaker. The resulting drink should be drunk.

The manufacturer recommends taking Bentolit daily in the morning, regardless of food intake.

What results can be achieved

As a result of taking Bentolit, the process of losing weight is accelerated due to to which the weight begins to decrease already on the 7th day from the start of treatment. The average weight loss is up to 0.5 kg per day, up to 3.5 kg per week and up to 10-12 kg per month. Bentolit removes toxins from the body without the risk of side effects.

The drug restores an adequate metabolic rate to burn more calories. It helps break down fat cells and expands in the stomach, blocking the appetite.

package Bentolit
Only today! 50% discount
98 € 49 €

Where can I buy the product in Ireland – in a pharmacy or on the Internet?

The only reliable source of the original Bentolit is the official website of the manufacturer. This is a proven online store that fulfills orders without any problems. Thus, it is not possible to buy the drug in various pharmacies.

Expert opinion

Hanna Gerung, nutritionist:

Bentolit is a unique product with triple directional action. First of all, it is cleansing and detoxification. Volcanic clay has a strong absorbent capacity. It is 20 times more effective than activated carbon. In addition, taking the remedy is a quick weight loss. The effect is achieved thanks to oat fibers and coffee powder in its composition. It has been proven that within a week after starting taking Bentolit you feel less hungry, reduce the number of meals to 5 times and serve 3 times less! This reduces the number of calories consumed and contributes to weight loss.

And another advantage of the drug is an improvement in the overall well-being of a person. With regular use of volcanic clay, you strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of recurrence of chronic diseases and allergic reactions.

I can say with confidence that Bentolit is a unique triple action remedy. This is a completely natural and safe dietary supplement that should be present in the diet of every person who takes care of themselves and their health.

Bentolit customer reviews

Gabriella, 34 ( Chile):

I have been drinking clay for 5 years now. This is a great detoxifier, thanks to this product my skin has become perfect. I got rid of excess weight, in my case it was about 5-7 kg. I drink a pack of clay once every two months to cleanse the body and not gain weight. In addition, Bentolit is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. It is better to drink clay, which I know well, than to swallow a chemical bought at a pharmacy.

Helena, 40 years old (Argentina):

I have long wanted to get rid of toxins and lose weight. Finally decided! So, I bought Bentolit on the website and started taking it. I am waiting for the beginning of the seventh day to make sure that the drug is highly effective. Friends said that this is a very good tool for losing weight. Well, I’ll check it out!

package Bentolit
Only today! 50% discount
98 € 49 €