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Problems with potency, with erectile function are widespread. More and more men are facing them, regardless of age. There is a decrease in sexual activity. When it is, excitement comes, an erection or an ejaculation becomes a stumbling block. The solution is to use GIGANT for penis enlargement, for a significant increase in potency. We learn more important details, the characteristics of the product, the rules for its use, the component composition. Be sure to separately consider the expert’s opinion, real consumer reviews.

Specifics and benefits

GIGANT gel was developed by experienced experts specifically for penis enlargement. Under the influence of the drug, a significant increase in excitation is observed. A directed influence is provided on the tissues, on the processes that are responsible just for the length and volume of the penis. The level of libido is also in the main focus of attention.

The main advantage is a complex effect, a prolonged effect. Excellent results can be achieved when used in various age groups. Even respectable men note the absolute effectiveness of the gel. When testing was conducted, many volunteers took part in clinical trials. And the results confirmed the effectiveness of GIGANT gel for penis enlargement. An additional plus is the almost complete absence of side effects, safety.

package GIGANT
Only today! 50% discount
98 S$ 49 S$

Let’s outline the basic benefits, the key principles of the effect on the body of this drug.

  • Stagnation is eliminated, blood flow is quickly restored.
  • Potency begins to improve, the level of libido and sexual activity increase.
  • Sensitivity returns and becomes aggravated.
  • Provides active stimulation of the necessary groups of hormones that have a beneficial effect on sexual life.
  • The tissues of the cavernous bodies are saturated with a rich complex of valuable trace elements. As a result, their growth is ensured. It is the spongy tissues that have the main influence on the size of the penis.
  • The pathogenic environment is destroyed, the favorable intimate microflora is restored.

A side effect in the form of an allergic reaction or an individual is extremely rare. intolerance of active ingredients.

GIGANT composition

GIGANT gel contains natural active ingredients of plant origin. They are chosen in such a way as to mutually reinforce each other’s action. The main ones here were extracts of ginseng root and field mint, biloba leaves. Since extracts are obtained using modern delicate techniques, it is possible to preserve the maximum of valuable substances, healing properties, acids and vitamins.

Method of application

Immediately before the planned sexual intercourse, it is recommended to apply a small amount of funds member. The gel is carefully distributed along the entire length. The effect can be expected after a few minutes, since the active substances are absorbed really quickly.

Sometimes the situation is very neglected: reduced libido, it is difficult to achieve sexual arousal, there are problems with ejaculation and erection. Then the gel must be applied daily. The best option is to determine the appropriate course duration together with a specialist. Here, the state of the reproductive, genitourinary system is of great importance.

package GIGANT
Only today! 50% discount
98 S$ 49 S$

Where to buy GIGANT in Singapore

It is impossible to purchase the drug in the pharmacy network. The whole point is that the implementation of such an effective tool at a democratic cost is simply unprofitable for pharmacies and branded trading floors. The best solution is to go directly to a specialized website where you can order a certified product from the manufacturer directly.

Such trading platforms guarantee quality, full compliance with all declared characteristics. The drug has passed laboratory studies, lengthy clinical trials involving volunteers. Proven environmental friendliness, safety, effectiveness for solving problems of impotence, insufficient size.

Expert opinion

Robert, France:

The tool has a carefully calibrated component composition, optimal ratio of active substances. It contains exclusively natural elements of plant origin. It is important that there are practically no examples with identified side effects and contraindications, so the remedy can be safely called universal. The problem of potency, insufficient penis size is quite often very acute. It is important to solve it with safe methods.

I recommend GIGANT to patients, I get a lot of positive feedback. If expectations are not too high, the reviews are mostly positive.


Jean, Italy:

Decent gel, helped a lot.

Thomas, Germany:

I liked the price, the ease of use. There is definitely an effect.

Harry, England:

This is a total delight! I’m glad I read the recommendations and bought it. No more erection problems, the size is significantly larger.

package GIGANT
Only today! 50% discount
98 S$ 49 S$