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Hammer of Thor - increasing the length and thickness of the penis up to +5 cm! Buy in Singapore at a discount!

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Hammer Of Thor - natural drops that are used to enlarge the penis, restore male health, improve potency and erection. If you are tired of problems in bed, but there is no strength / opportunity to make an appointment with a doctor, it is high time to try natural and effective drugs.

In what cases will Hammer Of Thor help?

  • Erection in the morning is gone; you feel like a man's the strength leaves you;
  • the potency is poor; it is impossible to get started even from intimate caresses;
  • the penis falls during insertion or when trying to pull on the condom;
  • the girl does not feel anything, but you want to scream and moan;
  • orgasms have lost their brightness; ejaculation comes too quickly;
  • dimensions (length and volume) do not suit you;
  • shyness, fears, awkwardness have become your companions.

If you want to surprise your partner, use Hammer Of Thor! The drug can be used by both young people and retirees. ve only proven natural substances are present, so there is no risk of allergic reactions.

What effect do Hammer Of Thor drops give?

  • Saturate the body with testosterone and restore the production of male hormones;
  • increase potency and make an erection stone;
  • improve libido, increase endurance in bed;
  • start normal blood flow, eliminate stagnant processes;
  • reduce the risk of developing prostatitis, adenoma, cystitis;
  • remove toxins, prolong sexual intercourse;
  • increase the length of the penis and make it more voluminous.

ATTENTION!HammerOfThor works in several directions: tonic, restorative, tonic, anti-inflammatory, prophylactic, analgesic.

What substances are responsible for the effectiveness of the drug?

  1. Antica krill extractis a source of zinc, as well as a complex of vitamins necessary for the male body.
  2. Extract from the liver of pestilence traitrestores the central nervous system, triggers normal blood flow, saturates the cavernous bodies and promotes a natural increase in volume and length.
  3. Northern moss extractmakes an erection stone. With Hammer Of Thor you are ready to have sex at any time of the day or night!
  4. Extract from the litherasinvertebrates returns sensuality and sensitivity. You can literally be aroused by a touch, a light kiss, or the thought of a hot night.

How to use Hammer Of Thor?

Instructions for use are included in each package. Observe it! Otherwise, the effectiveness of the drug can be significantly reduced. You should be aware that any drug must be taken correctly and with the indicated dosage.

Hammer Of Thor is taken 3-5 drops per tongue (course - 1 month or longer). You can also use the remedy before a passionate night. In this case, you need to take 5-7 drops orally 20-30 minutes before intimacy.

With Hammer Of Thor you will conquer any girl, create the aura of a womanizer and a hot lover, give passion to familiar relationships.

WARNING! The manufacturer does not recommend taking the drug to persons under the age of 18. The reason is that the active and powerful compound can affect puberty. If you play with drops, you risk getting impotence, sexual dysfunction, inflammation, prostatitis, cystitis, infertility.

Urologist's opinion about Hammer Of Thor

Kevin, urologist ( France):

The market offers different drops and formulations for potency or for an erection. The peculiarity of this remedy lies in the complex effect on the male genitourinary system. The active substances have a positive effect on the blood circulation processes, accelerate blood flow, strengthen tissues and blood vessels, saturate the body with oxygen. Already after 2-3 receptions you will feel that you have become more resilient. Gradually, the product restores balance in different systems of the body: endocrine, cardiovascular, urogenital, nervous.

How do customers leave reviews about Hammer Of Thor?

Plamen, 45 years old (Bulgaria):

At first I went to the pharmacy and told the girl at the checkout that I was buying pills for a friend (but who would believe that?). For men, this is an intimate affair. With drops, I liked what they brought in a sealed package. They are strange to taste, but they work. In the morning wow!

Barbara, 52 years old (Germany):

I took Hammer Of Thor and poured it into my husband dinner. We had sex every day for a whole week. It's just a fairy tale (because before that, once a month was for happiness). I didn't like that the packaging is small. You had to warn me to take two.

Marc, 34 years old (Spain):

With my wife 5 years could not conceive a child. They said that my sperm was defective. Something is not moving there, some heads are defective. In general, I drank a drop for a month. My wife and I worked on the baby in parallel. She is now in her second month of pregnancy. Man!

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