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Cellulite develops when the skin stops getting enough nutrients from the blood. Only tissues provided with vitamins and minerals in the right proportions, preserve a healthy look and elasticity. Then the woman feels her health and beauty. Cellulitis is called congestion in the adipose tissue of the subcutaneous layer. To reduce the appearance of an ugly “orange peel”, to prevent dystrophic changes in the cells, take Cellinea stimulant from cellulite. The natural composition and high biological activity of plant components improve blood circulation, moisturize and nourish the skin from the inside, contribute to the breakdown of adipose tissue.

How Cellinea works for Celline

The action of the capsules for internal use Cellinea is based on the properties of the constituent components. Active substances accelerate metabolism, improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, and have a beneficial effect on the composition of the blood and blood flow velocity.

Cellulite is a tiny tubercle of subcutaneous fat, surrounded by a dense shell and interconnected.Fat accumulations in the subcutaneous layer are necessary, but too much is dangerous. Loose skin with large irregularities indicates a stagnation of lymphatic fluid, poor blood circulation. Fat cells along with excess fluid absorb toxins. The skin stops breathing, the skin metabolism is disturbed, the immunity is reduced.

To eliminate the overgrown fat cells, systematic body care and changes in eating habits are needed. The best effect is a combination of several methods. Cellinea capsules are ideal as a means of stimulating the metabolism and burning of internal fat.


Cellinea Cellulite Formula

Capsules are 100% natural ingredients. In the formula included:

  • Green tea extract – has an antioxidant effect, helps to restore the normal hydration of the body, improves the overall condition and complexion, promotes rejuvenation;
  • grape seed extract – a source of fatty acids and antioxidants, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates lipid metabolism, nourishes the body with vitamins, improves tissue trophism;
  • seaweed extract – is widely used in products for weight loss and the fight against cellulite, nourishes with microelements, improves hormonal levels, accelerates the course of metabolic processes;
  • horsetail extract – removes excess fluid from the body, prevents the formation of edema, improves lymphatic drainage, helps control appetite.

Instructions for use

Cellinea can be used to eliminate cellulite and to prevent skin defects. A balanced composition contributes to increased immunity and normalization of metabolism. With regular use, the skin becomes elastic and smooth, without traces of cellulite.

It is recommended to take capsules in the morning and in the evening – 1 piece for the whole month.


Expert opinion

A couple of decades ago to lose weight without harm to health could only be thoroughly holding himself. Programs included detox treatments, massages, daily sports and strict nutrition control. Today the situation has changed. Many means of high biological activity have appeared on the market. They are directed to the problem and solve the tasks that are necessary for the patient. Cellinea capsules help to achieve slimness and improve overall health. A mild metabolic correction, a gradual reduction in kilograms is a great start for a perfect look.

Marinette, Nutritionist, France



Customer Reviews for Cellinea

I liked the idea of ​​combating fat deposits by ingestion. Capsules are very simple to take, one package is enough for a whole course. It turns out more economically than with other means, which at the course reception should take 3-4 packs. I would not call capsules a factory for the processing of fats, but it is really easy to control the appetite; you need less food to eat. The skin began to look better, the volume decreased by 10 percent.

Tina, 26 years old, Slovenia



We can say that I am fond of slimming. I try everything that appears new. The action is different for everyone. There is even a similar composition, but manufacturers, apparently, use different technologies. Therefore, the action depends on the brand. Now for the capsules Cellinea. Green tea is great for me – reduces appetite, gives strength. Seaweed is also great, it cleanses the blood, it restores the metabolism. Grape seeds were previously found only in the means for external use, but as an antioxidant exactly acts. Horsetail gives a diuretic effect. It turns out that in a biologically accessible form the agent has only a positive effect.I’m still halfway through the course. Has thrown off 4 kg, I continue further.

Katarina, 35 years old, Croatia

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