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Pain in the joints at least once in life took everyone by surprise, but the status of the disease arthritis gets in most cases in people in adulthood. This malaise is diagnosed by certain symptoms, for example: pain in the joints, swelling and inflammation, burning sensation in certain areas of the body. People with this pathology feel pain at any gesture, so a person begins to easily endure neuroses and feels permanent fatigue. To avoid this, it is necessary to adhere to a certain therapy, but too often the drugs either do not have the desired effect, or they have a price above the average. What then is the drug to choose to be effective and affordable?Cream for Zdorov arthritis is a relatively new tool in the market for arthritis medications, developed by Russian scientists. The product from Zdorov is popular not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. Consider what is a cream-wax from Zdorov arthritis.

Therapeutic properties of cream-wax Zdorov

Regularly applying the cream, patients note the following improvements:

  • loss of pain and stiffness of the joints during movement;
  • reduces swelling and inflammation of bone and connective tissues;
  • returns a healthy skin color. Redness disappears in places adjacent to the unhealthy joint;
  • normal body temperature;
  • headaches disappear;
  • fatigue and weakness disappear.

It is used by rubbing the cream in a diseased area and then rewinding with a flexible bandage.The course of treatment is about one month.


The advantage of this cream is its absolutely natural composition. Zdorov wax cream is a product that is not only a medicinal, but also very effective prophylactic drug.

The active ingredients in the cream are:

  • Extract of propolis increases the tone of the venous walls, and also helps to suppress pain in the body and reduce swelling. As a consequence, the wound is tightened and the metabolic processes of all tissues are accelerated.
  • Bee venom stimulates blood circulation in veins and vessels and gets rid of spasms.
  • Beeswax is needed to stop bleeding in a short time and heal the wounds of any complexity.
  • Horse chestnut can prevent the appearance of blood clots, by stimulating blood serum. The use of horse chestnut extract in the cream of Zdorov has an accelerating effect of antithrombin renewal, increasing the fullness of the veins and, consequently, reducing the viscosity of the blood.
  • Cedar oleoresin removes inflammation and strengthens muscle tissue.
  • Olive oil has a positive effect on hemodynamics.
  • Extraction of bee undermine removes inflammation and relieves pain.
  • The bee fire flare thickens the walls of the vessels and veins. Stimulates their elasticity and elasticity.
  • Vitamins B1, B, C and many others serve as an accelerator of regeneration, in which the walls of veins and vessels are strengthened. Based on all of the above, the cream-wax Zdorov – an effective remedy, eliminating articular problems of all kinds.


Opinions of specialists

The doctor is a rheumatologist:

“The main thing that worries a patient with arthritis is unbearable pain. Beginners begin to take large quantities of medications, or enter them intramuscularly. Do they do better? No, of course!Each medication has indications besides contraindications. For example, often patients forget, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are forbidden to take with gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and intestines, as well as hemorrhoids and ischemia.

If the treatment of my patients does not herald an operation intervention, I always advise them to use a cream-wax Zdorov. All the medical staff now have not the first dozen people healed.Especially with advance treatment, this will not be a problem at all.”

Customer Reviews

Lukáš, 38 years old (Czech Republic):

“Arthritis has been with me for many years, the fingers of my hands ache and swell so that every movement and touch of torture. All my life I worked in a hot shop, so there is nothing to be surprised at. The wife is trying to treat everything with the help of traditional medicine, so she read about Zdorov cream. We decided to order. A few days later, I already felt a decrease in pain and even managed to move my fingers, as the swelling also disappeared. In a word, I’m VERY happy!”


Jessica, 45 years old (Germany):

“Arthritis has been accompanying me for many years. It all started as a child, and now more than one decade has been trying to find something really suitable.Zdorov became a real find. I was advised to buy a friend and I decided to try, because the price is available. I decided that if it does not help, then in any case it will not do worse. Now I am very glad that I decided to buy this product. Great result! Pain and swelling are less, and this is already an achievement for me.”

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