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When varicose veins are dilated in the legs. Because of this swelling, the blood flow is disturbed, the valves start to work worse. Legs get tired more quickly, cramps and swelling are noted.About 89% of women worldwide suffer from this disease. To him lead:

  • passive lifestyle;
  • wearing uncomfortable shoes and tight clothing;
  • heredity;
  • weakening of veins during pregnancy and hormonal diseases;
  • the habit of constantly sitting with legs crossed;
  • excessive loads on the legs in the gym;
  • use of certain hormonal drugs.

The new effective gel VaricoFix allows to alleviate the symptoms, prevent complications and cope with the disease.

VaricoFix gel from varicose veins

Anti-varicose gel VaricoFix complex effect on your veins. It eliminates the symptoms of the disease, improves the tone of the veins, strengthens them with regular use. Due to the unique composition of the tool:

  • relieves pain;
  • reduces general inflammation;
  • increases the tone of the veins;
  • removes the feeling of needles and cooling in the legs;
  • removes the feeling of heaviness;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • removes puffiness;
  • cleans and restores varicose veins.

Starting to use the gel, you very quickly feel the relief of his condition. Stamina at work will increase, stress levels will decrease. And after a course of drug treatment, you can cope with varicose disease completely. And, observing the rules of prevention in the future, to protect yourself from its re-development. You can avoid surgery, significantly save on treatment and forget about the painful sensations and tired legs.

The gel consists of natural ingredients. Does not cause side effects, can be applied at any time.Including – for prevention, there are no contraindications to the use either.

The composition of the gel

The composition of the gel VaricoFix absolutely natural. It is based on the following natural ingredients:

  • Arnica. Stimulates blood circulation, heals wounds.
  • Centella is Asian. Stimulates tissue repair.
  • Kupena. Tones up varicose veins, protects.
  • Igritsa. Restores the walls of blood vessels and stops the inflammatory processes.
  • Cypress. Supports and restores the elasticity of the veins.
  • Heparin. Protects against the formation of venous nodes in the legs.

All components work smoothly in the complex, reinforcing the effects of each other on the condition of your veins. If you have been struggling with varicose veins for a long time, you are probably familiar with these ingredients: they are often included in various anti-disease products.But the complex in the VaricoFix gel is selected most carefully. It allows you to achieve a permanent effect in the shortest possible time. Symptoms will begin to ease with the first applications.

Instructions for use

The gel is applied to the legs 2 times a day. Be sure to use the gel at the end of the day, when the legs after the working day need rest and recovery. Do not be afraid to use the drug in the morning, before going out: it does not leave marks on clothes, it is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Apply the gel can be for the prevention of varicose veins. To do this, apply the gel in the evenings. The agent does not cause any side effects due to its natural composition. It can be applied to your feet at any time when you feel discomfort. Just keep it close at hand to apply when needed. Store required in a cool place.


Expert opinion

I am often asked about which anti-varicose gel has the greatest effect on swollen veins. Not only patients, but many acquaintances are interested in a safe, but effective means. The problem concerns each of us, varicose disease is the scourge of modern times.

Increasingly, I recommend VaricoFix gel, because I am constantly convinced of its effectiveness. The drug relieves pain, reduces swelling, allows feet to relax. If you want to avoid complications and surgery, start using this gel and take care of your veins now.

Nina, Phlebologist, Norway



Customer Reviews

I’ve run all my life in heels. And here is the result – varicose veins. I tried many different tools. While VaricoFix gel turned out to be the most effective for me: I smear in the mornings and evenings, my legs feel much better, the veins do not grow even more. Recommend!

Christine, 44, Philippines



I have a varicose veins in my family. Began to appear with me. On the advice of a friend ordered the gel VaricoFix. I no longer suffer from edema, my legs are not cramping. Thanks to this tool, there is a hope that my veins will be able to bounce back without surgery!

Simona, 36 years old, Romania

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