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There was a “bump on the finger”, from which it is impossible to get rid of? You already went to massage, rubbed gels and ointments, did exercises, but everything turned out to be useless? A bone on the leg (valgus deformation) causes a number of problems:

  • You can not choose the shoes you like (you have to look for the one that will be “on the foot”);
  • you hesitate to wear sandals or slippers;
  • legs quickly get tired (even without serious loads);
  • you notice swelling in the morning and in the evening;
  • you feel a heightened strain on other tissues and joints.

Valgus deformity occurs in 30% of women. The causes of the ailment are different:

  • wearing tight and squeezing shoes (especially in childhood);
  • heredity;
  • injuries and injuries;
  • features of the structure of the skeleton and bone tissue.

How to cope with the disease quickly and without side effects? ValgoSocks – socks from the curvature of the thumb, which were developed by scientists from the German Institute of Fraunhofer. The creation of the device was performed by the best orthopedists in Germany, and the product passed a number of tests, studies and tests.

ATTENTION! The peculiarity of the socks of ValgoSocks is that they do not just “straighten out” the thumb. The design restores the foot and position of the joints, fights against local disturbances and flat feet.

ValgoSocks Features and Principle of Operation

  • The material fixes the position of the foot, resulting in:
  • the correct load is distributed;
  • the anatomical mobility of the foot is preserved;
  • the effect of “increased fatigue” is eliminated;
  • transverse flatfoot disappears;
  • the risk of rupture of tissues, joints and cartilage is reduced.

The first results you will notice literally in 1-2 applications. But the duration of the full course of treatment is 30 days. Additionally, you can use the ValgoSocks socks to prevent deformation.

  • By the 7th day there are swelling, redness and swelling;
  • On day 14 you notice that the bone has stopped “sticking out,” and the thumb has slightly changed its position;
  • By the end of treatment, the natural position of the tissues is restored.

ATTENTION! If nothing is done, the deformation will only increase over time. Doctors know cases when the thumb deviated by 15-30 degrees, causing serious violations and unbearable pain.

What is the secret of the effectiveness of ValgoSocks?

  • The padded lining fixes the position of the foot, distributes the correct load, protects the joints from wear and tear;
  • finger bandage from soft tissue fights with “bulging stone”, ingrowing nails and other disorders;
  • soft limes provide a reliable fixation (nothing will hang out, crumble).

The manufacturer used a hypoallergenic material that “breathes”, does not cause irritation, does not store offensive smells, does not cause “diaper rash.”


Instruction for socks from valgus deformation ValgoSocks

You need to pull the corrector on the bare foot and fix it. Make sure that the corrector ValgoSocks tightly fit his leg. If you feel discomfort or severe pain, it is better to ease tension.The device will have to be worn 24/7 (and for the house, and for rest, and for work, and for trekking). At the time of treatment, the manufacturer asks to abandon the pins and high heels.Prefer light and comfortable shoes on a wedge.

If you have a deformation on one leg, you still have to use 2 ValgoSocks socks! Otherwise, the correction process will not be entirely correct (there is a risk of complications and additional violations).

But all your efforts are worth it, because the device:

  • will return a smooth posture and a beautiful gait;
  • will give the opportunity to choose open shoes, forget about the embarrassment and embarrassment on the beach;
  • correct the “bump on the finger” without surgery and surgery;
  • restore the work of joints and tissues, eliminate the risk of increased loads;
  • get rid of flat feet and a number of other violations.

What comments do doctors leave?

Dávid, Surgeon-doctor (Hungary):

“Valgus deformation occurs against the background of heredity, changes in the position of joints and tissues, increased loads on individual sites. If you do nothing, the patient faces terrible pains, inflammation and swelling. ValgoSocks is used for conservative therapy, and the effectiveness of treatment has been proven in trials.”


What do customers say about ValgoSocks?

Emma, ​​23 years old (Sweden):

“Since childhood, there has been such a problem. I had to wear closed shoes.Previously shy, but now stopped. I bought socks to eliminate the pain.”


Pauline, 55 years old (France):

“I was wearing ValgoSocks, and I also used ointments. The cone has decreased noticeably. I like that the pains are almost gone.”



Nina, 34 years old (Slovenia):

“I noticed in my valgus deformation, I began to panic. With ValgoSocks I feel better.”

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