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Titanium – penis enlargement up to + 5 cm in width and up to +7 cm in length without plastic surgery and without allergic reactions! UK Discount -50%


Titanium – penis enlargement up to + 5 cm in width and up to +7 cm in length without plastic surgery and without allergic reactions! The tool helps in case if:

  • a member does not arise on demand;
  • volume (length and width) is not satisfied;
  • the girl says that you do not satisfy her;
  • the penis hurts and swells;
  • attempts to have sex are more like torment than pleasure;
  • partner constantly compares with the former and says that it was better.

Perhaps you have already tried to restore the male power and increase the volume, but the methods were useless. Titanium is several times more efficient, and the quality of the products is proven during testing and research. Enough to use pumps and expanders, drink dangerous pills, rub the traditional medicine. Today there are more reliable methods, time-tested.

The secret of the effect of Titanium Gel

The composition is selected on the basis of natural micronutrients, and the quality is enhanced by a synergistic formula. Natural substances improve blood circulation in the genital organs, eliminate stagnant processes, fight bacteria and infections. But that’s not the point. The main advantage of the drug is the directed effect on the cavernous bodies, which as a result leads to natural stretching of the cells. You feel like every day the size of the penis increases.

First week. You feel the first results of using the compound. The size of the penis increases in both the “hanging” position and during the erection. For 7 days you get +1.5 cm in length.

Second week. The penis grows by +2.5 cm (compared with the original size). The erection no longer fails you, comes at the right time. The duration of the sexual act is increased by 2 times, and the girl howls and growls from a large number of orgasms.

The third week and more. A member grows in leaps and bounds! You have +4 cm in length, and orgasms last for 5-7 minutes. The number of sexual acts per night is not limited, but you can love your partner at least 10 times in 5 hours! The duration of sex and the time of ejaculation you freely control.


How is Titanium better than most analogues?

  • The composition is selected on the basis of a complex of natural microelements;
  • increase volumes and save results for a long time;
  • ease of application and use.

What substances in the Titanium gel provide such amazing results?

  1. Extract of the root of the poppy is needed to restore the natural processes of stimulation and to increase the level of testosterone. You feel like a male, ready to pounce on a girl!
  2. Lepidium Meyenii increases sensuality and sensitivity, brings values ​​to the maximum values ​​and teaches you to be excited from any movement and touch.
  3. Okra extract copes with infectious and inflammatory processes, prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse without side effects.
  4. L-arginine contributes to saturation of cells and tissues with blood, provides a stable and stable growth of cavernous bodies. You notice that the length has increased and the width has also increased.
  5. The tree roots of Muir Puama are the key to male strength and stone erection even with mild excitement.
  6. The mollusk shell extract is in the Titanium gel in order to improve the quality of the sperm, to restore you the ability to control ejaculation.
  7. Mexican Wild Yam improves overall well-being, eliminates the unpleasant smell of “dirty cowards”, restores normal testicles.


Instruction for gel Titanium for penis enlargement

The patient will need to rinse the penis under warm water with soap (perhaps it is worth using a shower gel). After that, carefully remove from the tube about 2 “peas” funds and begin to actively rub in the fabric. We repeat 2-3 times a day. The manufacturer indicates that patients can use the formula 15 minutes before intimacy, so as to be 100% sure of the chic sensations. The duration of the course of treatment is from 1 month.

Expert opinion

In combination with other drugs that affect the male genitourinary system, the gel shows a long positive dynamics. I can recommend a remedy both for treating the problems of the genitourinary system, and for preventing their occurrence.

Mikael, sex-therapist, Sweden


Customer reviews of Titanium

When this happened to me for the first time, it was scary and embarrassing. Just started with a girl to meet, dating these, sex for the first time … And I do not get up! Though you crack. I even went to the toilet to raise my friend’s hand, but it did not work out. Then disgraced nobly, so I had to order a cream. With gel everything works. The partner is happy.

Arturs, 39 years old, Latvia


The girl already squeaked! He says that this was not the case with anyone else.Well, I’m not a fool either. Half an hour before sex was smeared with gel. Working!

Simon, 22 years old, Germany

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