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Tinedol – Means against fungus, itching and cracks in the legs Singapore 50 % discount

Does the heels constantly crack, itch and hurt? The causes of the problem are different: diabetic foot, fungus (mycosis), lack of vitamins and nutrients, allergic reactions, plantar warts, skin suppuration and lymphostasis.

If you are tired of fighting these problems and diseases, try Tinedol from the fungus stop and toes. The composition of the product is chosen according to the synergistic formula of mutual enhancement of components, therefore you feel noticeable improvements already in 5-15 minutes after application.

What are the problems with Tinedol natural cream?

  • Mycoses (fungi) at various stages;
  • cracks in the feet;
  • smell of “dirty socks”;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • warts, dry calluses, corns;
  • dryness, itching, peeling;
  • sweating;
  • hyperkeratosis.

Fungus on the toes begins with a burning sensation and peeling (sometimes it comes to the fact that you “tear” the skin to the blood). If you do nothing, small bubbles appear on the surface that crack, forming markets. The earlier you start using Tinedol, the better! Postponing treatment leads to the fact that:

  • Mycosis infects relatives and friends (especially small children!);
  • the fungus penetrates into the lungs, bronchi, kidneys, liver;
  • The feet are destroyed, the nail plate turns black and turns yellow.

ATTENTION! You are not to blame for being infected! Typical reasons include visiting public places and beaches; hormonal disorders; dermatological diseases.

How does Tinedol cope with mycosis?

You apply the cream according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Active substances cool, eliminate burning and itching in just 5 minutes.

  • On 1-2 weeks there are “bubbles”, signs of itching and irritation decrease. The remedy fights against sources of infection, disinfects the surface, removes inflammatory processes and internal disturbances.
  • By 2-4 weeks are wounded, heal cracks, powerful regeneration and growth processes are started.
  • By the end of the course, the nail plate becomes pink (not black, not blue, not yellow, not greenish). You forget about the unpleasant smell and a bunch of other problems / disorders.

What substances are part of the cream Tinedol?

  • Climbazole eliminates itching, fights against mycosis and its symptoms, triggers local metabolic processes;
  • farnesol “turns off” sweat glands, relieves you of the smell of “dirty socks”;
  • essential oils cool, remove itching, disinfect, start regeneration;
  • Vitamin E is a natural “moisturizer”, nourishes the dermis, eliminates trampled skin;
  • Emulsion wax makes the composition soaked instantly without leaving any marks on the clothes;
  • carbomer protects against the risk of repeated appearance of the fungus.

Instruction for Tinedol Ointment

  1. My feet in warm water (you can make a bath of herbs, salt and soda). We wipe with a towel.
  2. We take the cream and apply it evenly to the surface.
  3. Repeat 2 times a day for 1 month. If necessary, we go through one more course.

Are there any contraindications to Tinedol cream against fungus, itching and cracks in the legs?The remedy is not recommended for people with individual intolerance to individual components of the drug.


You can use Tinedol in both individual therapy and in combination with others. The results of treatment will not take long to wait, because you:

  • You can wear open shoes without embarrassment;
  • get rid of dryness, burning and itching;
  • return your ideal heels without a hint of cracks;
  • protect against the risk of recurrence (re-infection);
  • remove the fungus at any stage.

What are the experts leaving about Tinedol?

Acis, Dermatologist (Greece):

“In a number of tests, the composition proved effective. Uniqueness lies in the complex effect on both the nail plate and the skin of the foot. Allergic reactions and contraindications are not identified (with the exception of individual intolerance).The composition can be used both at the first stages of the development of the disease, and at the advanced stages. The duration of treatment can be more than 1 month.”


Customer Reviews of Tinedol

Katharina, 38 years old (Austria):

“For 2 weeks, the signs of the fungus went away. The skin has become soft and smooth, but nothing hurts, itch, itch. Would like to order Tinedol yet.”


Paula, 44 years old (Spain):

“I have terrible cracks on my heels because of diabetes mellitus. I rub the cream to reduce them. It seems to me that there is an effect. Drugs from the pharmacy did not help me, but they cost a lot of money.”


Denis, 52 years old (Bulgaria):

“For a month left increased sweating. Now at least I can come to visit, take off my shoes, but do not blush. I do not know about mycosis. I did not have them. My wife says that we should help, but I can not recommend something that I did not appreciate myself.”

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