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Spirulin Plus
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Spirulin Plus
The organism of any person is slagged over time, and its acid-base balance is disturbed. This is accompanied by such problems as decreased immunity, frequent cold and infectious diseases, deterioration of the hair and nails condition, apathy and fatigue, a set of excess weight.Therefore, from time to time, the body must be cleansed. One of the best and modern means for restoring a healthy balance is Spirulin Plus.

What is Spirulin Plus

Spirulin Plus is an innovative development of scientists based on the unique alga spirulina, which has a multifaceted beneficial effect on the body, regulating its balance, rejuvenating and restoring the joy of life.

Spirulina is a natural biostimulator that contains a complete set of substances necessary for humans, not found in any other natural product. According to WHO, spirulina is able to protect against 2/3 of all known diseases.

Spirulin Plus

Spirulin Plus, thanks to its unique composition, has many advantages over other biologically active additives and pharmacy products for cleansing the body.

  • fast effect;
  • natural composition;
  • safety and absence of side effects;
  • regulation of the acid-base balance of the body;
  • prevention of diseases;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • elimination of excess fluid and elimination of edema;
  • Burning fat and weight normalization;
  • improvement of digestion;
  • rejuvenation of the body and improvement of appearance, skin, nails and hair condition;
  • convenient use;
  • affordable price.

Spirulin Plus

Composition of Spirulin Plus

Thanks to the combination of active natural components, Spirulin Plus has a powerful healing, purifying detoxification effect. The structure includes:

  • Spirulina is a real storehouse of valuable substances. Reduces blood sugar levels, reduces excessive appetite, helps eliminate toxins and toxins, increases immunity;
  • Chlorella is another useful component. It normalizes metabolism and pressure, prevents the development of tumors, has detoxification properties, strengthens the immune system, accelerates the process of cell regeneration, improves brain activity, promotes weight loss;
  • alfalfa – lowers cholesterol, is a source of valuable microelements and vitamins, increases the body’s resistance to various diseases, including cancer;
  • dandelion – contains a large number of vitamins, carotenoids, lutein and minerals. Has anti-inflammatory effect, improves eyesight, purifies blood;
  • nettle – promotes the removal of excess fluid, stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases immunity, improves digestion, has a beneficial effect on liver function;
  • Green tea – a natural antioxidant, reduces appetite, tones up;
  • zinc – improves attention and memory, normalizes the nervous system, has antioxidant properties, improves skin, nails and hair.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to take Spirulin Plus 2 capsules 2 times a day, 30 minutes before meals, with a glass of water. The course of cleansing the body is 30 days.

Spirulin Plus

Expert recall

Isabelle, therapist (Sweden):

“Due to the rapid rhythm of modern life, malnutrition in our body, sooner or later, there is discord: immunity weakens, skin and hair problems begin, fatigue sets in.All these are signs of slagging the body. Solve all these problems will help a new drug Spirulin Plus, which I advise to apply even to absolutely healthy people for preventive purposes. Spirulin Plus acts efficiently, gently and safely, and changes are visible to the naked eye.”

Customer Reviews

Abrianna, 28 years old (Italy):

“Lately I noticed that my complexion had soured, my hair became dull, I was constantly tired. At the reception the doctor advised to try Spirulin Plus, because all these signs can indicate the acidification of the body. After drinking a month’s course, I noticed a change for the better: energy returned, skin and hair began to look healthier, I lost a few pounds!”

Spirulin Plus

Markus, 36 years (Germany):

“I have a non-standard working day, sometimes without days off. The last six months began to appear headache, apathy, a breakdown. My wife was worried about me, so I started looking for a solution on the Internet and came across Spirulin Plus. At first I was suspicious of these capsules, but now I have to admit that they really work! I like a second wind.”

Spirulin Plus
Only today DISCOUNT 50%!
79 $ 39.20 $