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Spankadoo Masturbator: a revolutionary sex toy for men! Buy in Ireland, UK, USA with 50% discount


Spankadoo Masturbator is a real revolution in the sex toy industry. Recent technologies have allowed to create an imitation of the vagina, which feels as real as possible. Soft skin feels like real. With such a masturbator, you can have fun and learn your own sexuality, as long as you want!

Masturbator Spankadoo gives genuine pleasure

Sexual discharge and intimate pleasure are important to every sexually mature man. It is good for the health of the urinary-genital system and just gives a real buzz. Masturbation with sex toys allows you to better know your body: to understand what you like most, learn to have sex for a long time and efficiently, stretching orgasms and increasing your own endurance.

The main advantages of Spankadoo besides the amazing realism of sensations:

  • he is always at hand and ready;
  • he does not have a headache;
  • you do not need to correspond with him in the “tinder”, inventing original tackers;
  • guarantees enjoyment.


Opportunities for fast sex today, quite a lot. There are applications where people are literally looking for one night’s meetings for a high, rather than building relationships. Yes, and you can always go to a party at the club, meet someone and without obligation to spend time. But this “always” is a very vague concept. Not everyone is confident, not always have the opportunity to go somewhere. There is also no desire to communicate, flirt hard and spend money on coffee or drink. And without skills, that same “one night” turns into “those shameful ten minutes”.

With a masturbator, you can become the most gentle and cool lover, give your partner pleasure in the future and get more from having sex. It can be considered not only as a device for sexual discharge, but also as a kind of intimate simulator. Spankadoo will give you the satisfaction and skills you deserve!


Masturbator Spankadoo Species

Spankadoo is available in three varieties. It can imitate:

  • vagina;
  • mouth;
  • anus

The choice of sex toys depends on your sexual preferences. Models differ not only externally, but also constructively, fully imitating the selected hole, even from the inside. Due to the internal textures you can get a variety of pleasure from the process of masturbation, to experience different sensations. Having ordered several at once, they can even be combined, as if you are the hero of your favorite porn movie.

The size of the masturbator is universal, it will hold any dignity. The developers of the device promise complete safety, high quality and guaranteed enjoyment.


Features of sex toys for men

Spankadoo Masturbators are made from high quality medical latex. Designers take into account the smallest details. They meet all the high standards set by experts in the field of devices for sexual pleasure.

The shelf life of such a toy is not limited, if you do not forget to properly care for it and use it correctly. The rules of care are simple:

  • wash with soap before use;
  • have fun with enough lubrication;
  • rinse again after masturbation session.

Follow these simple rules and the toy will be able to serve you faithfully for ages!

How to use a masturbator

For completeness of sensations and lack of discomfort to use a sex toy should be, using a special gel-lubricant. Masturbartor fits comfortably in your hand, no additional manipulations are required. Retire in a comfortable setting, take lubrication and Spankadoo, and then plunge into the world of sexual pleasures and your own fantasies.

You will reveal the whole range of your own sensuality thanks to the design of the device and the internal textures. Focus on your pleasure, reach orgasm (and more than once!), Make sure that it is much better than rubbing calluses on your palms, caressing yourself. Just try using the toy once to come back to it again and again!


Developer Warranties

The creators of the Spankadoo masturbator offer the following guarantees:

  • lack of shelf life in the right conditions of use;
  • refund for the device, if you were not satisfied with the sensations that it gives;
  • safety of use, no discomfort in the process;
  • hypoallergenic, the toy is made of medical materials;
  • purchase confidentiality.

There are no age or size limits for using a masturbator. It is intended for sexually mature men of all ages. The personal data of the customers is not transferred or sold by the toy manufacturer, the purchases are really confidential.

Only today DISCOUNT 50%!
94 $ 47 $