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QuickMax – an effective tool that allows you to get long and thick eyelashes. With the help of serum in just a week, the eyes will become more expressive and sexy. False eyelashes often look too rough and unnatural, with QuickMax they look beautiful, attractive and at the most natural. With a unique serum based on natural ingredients, you no longer need to densely apply mascara, the tool will make the look more attractive and seductive without the help of cosmetics.

Effects of a means to enhance the growth of eyelashes

Serum stimulates the growth of the hair follicles, as a result of the eyelashes become long and beautiful. The remedy also makes your eyebrows thicker. The unique formula of the serum guarantees a lasting effect, and the results are noticeable within a week after the application of QuickMax. The tool allows:

  • Strengthen the growth of the hair follicle.
  • Make the eyelashes long and thick.
  • Get a magnificent eye-catching look.
  • Provide ease and convenience at home.
  • Get a quick and natural result without false eyelashes and lengthening mascara.
  • Form the desired shape and thickness of the eyebrows.
  • Ensure the guaranteed effectiveness and safety of the application.


Composition QuickMax

Serum is created on the basis of an innovative patented formula, which was developed by leading scientists engaged in cosmetic development. Carefully selected components with the optimal concentration of active substances help to achieve excellent results in just a week. The serum provides growth and thickening of the hair follicles, which will allow the eyelashes to obtain a luxurious length and volume.

The composition QuickMax includes only safe components, because synthetic substances can cause irritation and allergic reactions. The serum is applied to the area that is close to the eyes, therefore such a product simply can not have a dangerous composition.


QuickMax contains natural growth accelerators – biotin and vitamin E. Tocopherol strengthens follicles, eliminates the problem of hair loss and excessive brittleness. Vitamin E helps to restore the production of collagen in a natural way, as a result, the cilia become more dense and the eyes are expressive. Biotin and tocopherol are necessary to maintain the normal condition and beauty of the hairs.

Application of serum

QuickMax significantly improves the condition and appearance of the cilia after the first application. A long-term effect is achieved after a week of daily serum use. The product is easy to apply thanks to a convenient applicator. Serum should be used before using cosmetics, and also in the evening after skin cleansing procedures. It is known that the processes of recovery and growth are more active at night, and in the daytime the agent additionally protects cilia from the effects of negative environmental factors.

QuickMax is applied to the roots of the hairs, after which it is neatly distributed over the entire length. After a week of use, it is recommended to take a break, after 2 months the course can be repeated. Serum provides faster growth and stronger eyelashes, reduces brittle hair.


Expert opinion

Alice, Trichologist (Italy):

“When choosing the means for eyelashes, you need to carefully study the composition: it should not contain components of animal origin, as well as toxic substances. QuickMax is a hypoallergenic serum with a safe composition and excellent efficacy. At the heart of the drug are tocopherol and biotin, which promote the activation of sleeping hair follicles and the restoration of the structure of the cilia. In the composition there are no hormones and components that are inadmissible for this product, so serum can be safely recommended for use.”

Customer Reviews

Nadine, 23 years (Germany):

“QuickMax is my next attempt to increase eyelashes. They at me very weak and thin, tried different ways of strengthening and strengthening of growth, absolutely nothing helped. I bought QuickMax without much hope, but the tool did not disappoint. Within a few days the eyelashes became so beautiful! I never thought that their condition so affects the perception of the whole face as a whole. I really like the way I look, I’m very happy with this result!”


Emma, ​​33 years old (Canada):

“Somewhere in a week my eyelashes grew darker and thicker, and their loss also ceased. Serum has a good consistency, does not flow and does not enter the eyes. It is convenient to use, the effect is noticeable. I’ve been looking for such a tool for a long time!”

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