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Prostero is a natural remedy that helps to deal with the signs and causes of diseases of the male genitourinary system. Duration of treatment with an innovative drug – from 1 month (but in each case is determined individually). The advantage of the drug is that you do not need to go to the urologist, sit in a queue and shyly lower your eyes, take blood, urine and feces, go to an ultrasound. Simply buy Prostero and start taking it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.You will notice the first results after 2-3 doses.

Prostero Treatment Indications

  • Pain in the rectum, in the groin or in the testicles;
  • violation of urogenital function;
  • problems urinating;
  • blood drops when trying to “go to the toilet”;
  • decrease in immunity due to an increase in body temperature;
  • chills, fatigue, headaches, irritability and anger;
  • constipation and problems with the work of the digestive tract;
  • lack of sexual desire and desire to make love;
  • difficulty with erection (it is either not reached, or is, but weak);
  • ejaculation occurs too quickly;
  • orgasms long gone.

ATTENTION ! If you do not treat inflammatory and infectious diseases, you can face serious complications: adenoma, prostate cancer, tumors. The sooner you start a health course, the better!

What is Prostero?

The tool is based on natural microelements reinforced with a synergistic formula. The manufacturer indicates that the drug has passed a series of tests and studies, during which it proved its effectiveness. Clinical testing has shown that:

  • 99% of patients showed improvement in well-being;
  • in 100% of cases there was a decrease in pain;
  • in 98% of the situations, frequent night desires to the toilet disappeared (and you do not need to wake up 5-7 times a night and run to the toilet);
  • in 89% of patients, prostate sizes are close to anatomically normal.


The benefits of treatment with Prostero are that:

  • the effect is noticeable after several applications;
  • reviews of specialists in the field of urology and male andrology are good;
  • The composition is selected on the basis of natural trace elements enhanced by a synergistic formula;
  • application according to the instructions is simple (the ability to combine the product with alcoholic beverages, taking antibiotics);
  • no risk of allergic reactions;
  • The effects on the male genitourinary system are mild but effective.


The composition of the drug from prostatitis and inflammatory processes

  • Red root. Used to “burn out” bacteria and a source of inflammatory processes, has a powerful tonic effect, awakens local immunity.
  • Pumpkin seeds cope with the signs of prostatitis and inflammatory processes, restores the structure of damaged tissues, minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Berries With palmetto is used to restore potency and erectile function. In the course of research, it was proved that the component has a general nourishing and regenerating effect, stimulates the production of libido and the restoration of sexual desire.
  • The bark of the African plum eliminates the painful sensations that occur during intimacy, removes toxins and toxins.
  • Ginseng root has a general restoring and calming effect, helps to cope with stressful situations and increased loads on the body (psychological or physiological).

ATTENTION ! Course application of the drug allows for a comprehensive effect. The painful sensations disappear, the work of the urinogenital system is restored, toxins and slags leave, the erectile function returns.

Instructions for use

  • Step number 1. Take a drop, dial 15 pieces in the water, stir and take inside. Repeat 2 times a day.
  • Step number 2. Drink 1 capsule means 30 minutes before meals. Repeat 3 times a day.
  • Step number 3. Complete a treatment course of 30 days. After that, you can take a short break and repeat.

Expert opinion

The tool has a soft directional effect on the organs of the genitourinary system, and also stimulates the endocrine. The level of testosterone increases, the libido is restored. The male body begins to work as laid down by nature (the biological clock does not go astray). The duration of a full course starts from 1 month, but it is better to undergo additional prevention.

Tobias, urologist


Customer reviews about the Prostero complex

Gone pain when urinating. Previously, it burned so much that it went into a push with tears in its eyes.

Cosmin, 32 years old, Romania


I can not believe that everything works so well! The erection is stable, but I no longer itches, it doesn’t whine and it doesn’t hurt.

Simon, 54 years old, Germany

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