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Princess Hair
Princess Hair is a hair growth mask that gives you Hollywood locks without hiking to the hairdresser, without complicated procedures, without expensive treatment / lamination / coloring.If you dreamed of dense and long strands, it is high time to make them a reality. The composition based on natural oils carefully influences the structure of the hair, restores it, eliminates shimmer and tarnishes. Judging by the reviews of the “Princesses of HAIR”, the first results are visible after 2-3 applications. But to achieve maximum effect you need to complete a complete course.

How does the Princess Hair mask work?

  • Stimulates the growth of new hair and the appearance of “gun” in a couple of days;
  • gives amazing softness (your strands become obedient);
  • eliminates electrification, so that the strands will not stick out in different directions;
  • struggles with hair loss and baldness;
  • protects from negative environmental influences;
  • returns the natural shine;
  • eliminates split ends;
  • accelerates the growth of strands in 2 times.

These are not just words. The tool was tested on the basis of the International Academy of Naturopathy and Natural Healing. To participate in the experiment, 2,000 women were invited who used the mask for 12 months. In 100% of cases, there was a cessation of loss. In 98% of situations, “sleeping” hair follicles became active, there was a noticeable increase. In 97% of the subjects, the result of using Princess Hair persisted even after discontinuation of use.

ATTENTION! You know that the funds from the store can cause allergic reactions (itching, allergies, seborrhea, hair loss, eczema, headaches). The composition of Princess Hair has passed special tests and has been approved by leading dermatologists.

Princess Hair

What substances are inside the Princess Hair?

  1. Extract of sea buckthorn oil nourishes along the entire length, improves the appearance, makes the strands obedient.
  2. Complex vitamins A, E, and D, F. Princess Hair struggles with dryness, electrification, brittleness, split ends.
  3. Shea butter is the source of natural antioxidants, which protect the hair along the entire length;
  4. Avocado restores damaged strands (for example, hair can deteriorate due to hot air blow dryer, too frequent staining, poor ecology, frost and wind).
  5. The extract of the root of the multicolor mountaineer protects from gray hair, restores a natural shade, awakens “sleeping bulbs”, enhances the concentration of the pigment.
  6. Complex of proteins. Thanks to him, Princess Hair restores a rich shade and natural health of every strand, protects from falling out (at last the hair will be up to the waist, not to the shoulders!).
  7. The extract of the Asian centella stimulates the flow of blood, due to which the hair bulbs are fed from the inside.

How and when should I use Princess Hair?

Experts say that the product can be applied even with psoriasis, seborrhea, dandruff and other problems of the scalp. My head with shampoo (you can use pharmacy or any “store”), then apply the mask and distribute the entire length for 4-10 minutes. It is important that the active components are distributed evenly and reach all areas. Pay special attention to scalp (try to massage it for 4-5 minutes).

After that, leave the composition for 7-10 minutes, so that the components are opened and started working. We wash off and repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week for a month. If possible, it is better to order several packages at once, because Princess Hair is quickly consumed.

Princess Hair

Expert opinion

Kim Anh, Trichologist (Vietnam):

“Patients with different trichological problems often come to me: they grow poorly, become painful and fragile, split, look lifeless, quickly become gray. There are diseases that are eliminated only with the help of powerful equipment. There are also those that are easily removed by the correct selection of cosmetic and uhodovyh funds. Princess Hair just refers to such. I can recommend a remedy both for the elimination of seborrhea and for the prevention of “split ends.””

Princess Hair

What do customers say about the Princess Hair mask?

Berta, 54 years old (Spain):

“She seemed oily to me. I thought that in 2 hours the hair would be like a dirty bomzhiha. But it seems normal. It is washed off easily, but after a mask it is generally a pleasure to comb.”

Princess Hair

Monique, 27 years old (Netherlands):

“I had a problem since childhood: my hair was normal to my shoulders, and I could not” grow bigger “below. Thanks to the means of the braid almost to the waist.Super!”

Princess Hair

Rosita, 46 years old (Lithuania):

“Because of menopause, all these problems began with the hairdo… I rubbed Princess Hair so that at least there was no” hay on my head.” It seems to work. I’ll have to go to the hairdresser and ask.”

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