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Nonacne: to deal with acne, blackheads and pimples. Buy in UK, Ireland, Singapore with 50% discount

People with oily and combination skin type often suffer from unhealthy shine, dilated pores, acne on the face. Such skin is equally sensitive to cosmetics and care products in adolescence and adulthood. If with small problems such as a small dryness and black points to cope quite simply, then inflammatory diseases require careful adherence to therapeutic recommendations.

What is acne and how to fight it?

Skin inflammation, which involves the hair follicle and sebaceous gland, is called acne. Painful red specks appear as a result of increased sebum secretion (seborrhea) in combination with cocco flora. Young people of the age of puberty are the most susceptible to the disease.Provoke inflammation can poor hygiene, heat and humidity, genetic predisposition. To girls the bad service plays an excessive hobby for cosmetic means with a fatty basis. But the main cause of acne is a violation of the hormonal balance.

As a result of inflammation, the sebaceous gland grows, hypersecretion of fat occurs, massively formed sebaceous corks. Bacteria cause infection, the immune defense of the skin decreases, pustules are formed. Subsequently, they spread throughout the face, can go to the torso.

Treatment is aimed at eliminating seborrhea. Previously, antibiotics, unsafe blood transfusions, painful removal and disinfestation of inflamed formations were used for this. To modern means of fighting acne is the clinically proven seboregulator Nonacne. It quickly cleanses the skin and eliminates the appearance of new acne.

About the product

A remedy with a complex action of Nonacne was created to fight acne. It has a triple effect on the skin:

  • Antibacterial. Destroys bacteria that cause skin inflammation;
  • Antifungal. It has a fungicidal effect on microorganisms, prevents reproduction and spreading;
  • Seboreguliruyuschee. Prevents excessive sebum secretion. It is necessary for problem skin.

The active ingredients of the complex for course use give a lasting positive result for men and women. The drug has no side effects, it has a beneficial effect on the restoration of local skin immunity.

What does Nonacne consist of?

The Nonacne complex is synthesized from natural castor oil with the addition of organic acids necessary for the normal flow of metabolic processes in the skin structure. The structure includes:

  • Hydroxydecanoic acid. Contained in royal jelly. Normalizes fat metabolism, selectively acts on bacteria. Strengthens skin immunity, promotes the rapid restoration of damaged areas.Has antitumor effect, promotes immunity growth;
  • Sebacic acid. It is used for skin diseases of bacterial nature. It prevents inflammation, reduces pigmented formations, whitens the skin, cleanses the pores, revitalizes the hair follicles;
  • Decandiol. A plant-based substance that has antimicrobial activity. Destroys microorganisms that provoke the development of acne. Has a moisturizing effect. Helps skin structures to retain moisture. In combination with other elements provides an enhanced therapeutic effect.

How to use

Nonacne should be applied twice a day to the problem area, after cleaning the area from dirt and grease. Apply 3 weeks. At the same time, a decrease in fat intake is observed on the second day.



The experts’ opinion about the Nonacne tool

Mikkel, dermatologist (Denmark):

“I studied the results of testing volunteers at the stage of clinical trials. The Nonacne complex performed well on mixed and oily skin. Already an hour after the first treatment, the sebaceous glands reduce secretion. Active components with antibacterial and regenerating effect work on the skin for several days. After 2-3 weeks, subjects notice significant improvements in appearance. Painful inflammation completely disappears, the result remains more than 4 weeks after cancellation.”

Customer Reviews

Filipa, 27 years old (Portugal):

“With acne I struggle with 16 years. Tried painful manipulations in the office of the cosmetologist, hardware procedures, folk recipes. Something helped, but not for long. Nonacne became a rescue. Pleasant consistency, well absorbed, immediately removes greasy shine, a little deodorizes. The redness began to go off in a week. After 20 days the face was completely cleansed.”



Beatriz, 21 years old (Spain):

“A wonderful tool. I sensed a difference not only with cosmetic, but also with pharmacy options for the treatment of acne. The skin tone became lighter.”

63 £ 31.20 £