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Miralash – Natural serum, which increases the volume and length of eyelashes by 20-30%! Buy in Ireland, UK, USA with 50% discount

Dream of gorgeous eyelashes that will make the look expressive and sexy? So that one sweep of the eyelashes captivated the men and drove them crazy? Then you will definitely need the innovative Miralash conditioner, selected on the basis of natural micronutrients. All you need to do is simply apply the composition to the surface and carefully distribute it (everything is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions). In the course of the studies, a tremendous effect was demonstrated: 87% of patients noted cardinal changes in volume and structure.

What problems do girls face?

  • There is no volume, but the cilia are quite short;
  • mascara does not help (all the same, everything is small);
  • sticking on the braces is a complicated procedure that takes away both time and money;
  • hairs almost do not have color, they seem faded;
  • castor oil, chamomile, oil and other traditional medicine do not help you.

How to find chic eyelashes without going to the beautician?

The easiest way is to try Miralash. Serum includes hundreds of useful microelements and substances that restore the structure and shade from the inside. The hairs become longer and denser, creating an impression of a darker color. Miralash is the result of work of many specialists (dermatologists, cosmetologists, trichologists). Long months developed a formula for creating a high quality product.

How does the serum “Miralash” work?

The secret of the effect is that the eyelash growth phase is prolonged. The strands acquire a density, become stronger. Ideally, you can apply air conditioning every day. The instructions are simple: you need to use a couple of drops after an evening make-up removal. 1 bottle is enough for 4-5 months of daily use.

The effectiveness of Miralash has been proven in a number of special studies:

  • In 67% of patients, eyelash density was restored;
  • 80% noted that the hairs became stronger;
  • 87% of women indicated a significant lengthening of the braces after 4 weeks of the course

What are the components of Miralash?

  1. Bimatoprost (0.03%). Increases volume 2 times without allergic reactions and without contraindications.
  2. Benzalkonium chloride. Provides an elongation of 35-75% or more, makes the hairs darker (by using a special pigment).
  3. Purified water. It is the key component that forms the consistency of the remedy.
  4. Sodium chloride. Solves the problem of growth, and also gently affects the hair follicles, improving metabolic processes and starting nutrition.
  5. Citric acid. The component is necessary in order to stop the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Dibasic sodium phosphate. It is part of Miralash to improve the characteristics of the formed hairs.

ATTENTION! Just use the conditioner – and you do not have to buy mascara, write down to the master for building up or try to smear with castor oil. Today there are more effective and reliable solutions!


How to properly use the Miralash air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s instructions?

It’s simple.

  • Step # 1. Wash your makeup with a gel or tonic. Dry the skin around the eyes. Be careful, because it is thin, so it’s quickly injured.
  • Step number 2. Take the applicator and apply a small amount of balm to the roots of the lashes of the upper eyelid.
  • Step # 3. Do not rinse. Admire the appearance, tempt and be sexy with Miralash!

Expert opinion

The composition is unique in that it passed a complex of tests and studies on the basis of an independent research center led by dermatologists-allergists. You can be 100% sure that Miralash has no contraindications and side effects. As a rule, patients notice the first results after 2-3 applications. But to achieve maximum effect, it is better to use the formulation for 3 months (this is the recommended length of the course the manufacturer recommends). After that, take a break and repeat again.

Sofie, Eyelash Extension Specialist, Belgium


What do customers say about Miralash?

I like everything! From the carcass eyelashes have become faded, half in general fell out. With the serum, it was possible to restore the color and return the length!

Jana, 43 years, Czech Republic


Used Miralash for eyelashes according to the manufacturer’s instructions 2 weeks.It seems to me that the effect already exists (I do not say how the results will be after the full course!). I like that the composition gives a moisturizing effect, and then the skin becomes dry with age.

Jenni, 32 years old, Finland


For 2 months the effect is as if I were making false eyelashes! I really like everything. In this case, you do not need to do anything at all. Just a patch in the evening! No to you cosmetologists / dermatologists / hairdressers and expensive procedures!

Adelina, 41 year old, Bulgaria

Only today DISCOUNT 50%!
90 $ 45 $