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Locerin – natural food supplement for beauty and health of hair! Buy in Australia, UK, USA, Singapore with 50% discount


The best decoration of a woman is shiny, thick hair. Each of us pays a lot of attention to the care of their hair. But problems with hair, unfortunately, are not uncommon. At one time or another, a woman faces their loss, dryness, brittleness. These negative manifestations are not eliminated by cosmetic procedures, shampoos and masks.

Hair is an indicator of our health. If the body suffers from a lack of vitamins and diseases, is under stress or hormonal storm, it is not able to produce enough cells to grow strong hair. In such a situation, the body needs support in the form of additional vitamins and minerals. Locerin is a multi-component dietary supplement that solves the problem from the inside. The preparation contains the whole complex of elements necessary for us for external beauty.

Hair Care – Health Care

Locerin is a natural hair product based on plant extracts. The composition of the capsules includes 16 components. Each of them is a brick needed to activate hairline growth. The drug acts in a complex, helping the body to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, moisture.

This is a single solution to all problems associated with the pathological condition of hair and scalp. Cosmetic procedures and cosmetic care give only a temporary aesthetic effect. Locerin eliminates the very cause of hair loss and damage, healing the body as a whole. Regular intake of capsules will also have a positive effect on the skin and nails.

What effect does Locerin have?

  • stops falling;
  • promotes growth and strengthening;
  • nourishes the skin, hair;
  • eliminates dryness, tooth, peeling of the scalp.


Effective composition

The composition of Locerin is natural. Does not contain chemical additives, hormones. The action is based on the benefits of herbal extracts recognized in cosmetology.

For example, nettle contains a whole range of elements that treat hair. It is a source of vitamins B2, C, beta-carotenes, formic, folic, acetic acids, such important micro and macronutrients as calcium, magnesium, iron. They nourish the scalp, strengthen the roots, activate growth, enhance the pigment resistance, preventing the early appearance of gray hair.

Alfalfa is rich in beneficial phytonutrients. This plant has a high concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins K, A, D, proteins, minerals. They have a positive effect on the restoration of the cuticle, hair growth, moisturize the scalp, eliminating peeling.

Horsetail and bamboo – sources of silicic acid, necessary for the body to strengthen hair. Pea peptides nourish, tone up the skin, saturating it with moisture.


Herbal extracts are enriched with a line of vitamins and elements. Copper is involved in the formation of collagen. Zinc retains protein molecules. Selenium restores normal cell division. At the same time, it practically does not enter our body with food, so it is important to receive it with drugs.

The effectiveness of Locerin is proven, it has passed all laboratory tests and certification. You only need to take Locerin to provide the body with all the necessary substances for healthy hair.

How to take Locerin

It is recommended to take 2 capsules daily 30 minutes before meals. The drug should be washed down with a large amount of liquid (about 300 ml of water).


Doctor’s opinion

The problem of hair loss is faced not only by men, but also by women. Often the root of the problem lies in the lack of the body of nutrients: iron, zinc, copper. This is due to poor nutrition, enriched with vitamins, adherence to strict diets. Loss also accompanies pregnancy, breastfeeding. It is important to help the body recover its loss, provide it with the necessary building material for beautiful, strong hair.Locerin is a modern natural product with a rich composition. It successfully picked up all the substances that solve the problem of hair loss in a complex.

Marijana, trichologist, Hungary



After giving birth, my chic hair drastically thinned. Spit climbed beams. Fortunately, a few months later the fallout stopped. But the former density, shine was not to return. Apparently, all the vitamins went into breast milk. After completing the GW, I decided to take my beauty seriously. Thanks to the reception of Locerin, the hair stopped falling out, began to grow faster, a new “fluff” appeared.

Dajana, 25 years old, Romania


I started taking Locerin on the advice of a fitness trainer when I was on a strict diet. As a result, in the spring I did not feel any avitaminosis or anemia. Hair began to grow noticeably faster, less fall out. I will continue to take the drug regularly.

Adelisa, 30 years old, Poland

Only today DISCOUNT 50%!
79 $ 39.20 $