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The problem with potency is able to turn a man’s life into a real catastrophe. First of all, it is a blow to self-esteem, in the second – the cause of psychological disruptions, which can lead to the disintegration of the family. Discussions on the means of increasing the potency are many.The most effective and safe are those that consist of natural components of high extraction, do not give side effects, show a stable positive result.

One of the options with the listed properties is capsules for Hooligan potency. A product based on effective plant extracts in a carefully selected proportion activates the production of testosterone, stimulates sexual stimulation, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The amino acid complex accelerates metabolic processes. Normalization of the sexual intercourse, stabilizes the erection.

How Hooligan capsules work

Due to age changes, frequent stresses, health problems or other natural factors, the sexual activity of a man is weakened. The natural components that make up Hooligan have a mild stimulating effect on the libido, help control ejaculation, increase vitality and increase endurance.A long and qualitatively performed sexual intercourse becomes possible due to the good blood filling of the penis.


Capsules Hooligan help in the event that among the problems – low potency, premature ejaculation, inability to normal sexual intercourse.

The main advantages of the tool:

  • suitable for men of any age;
  • does not give side effects;
  • starts to act 10 minutes after application;
  • keeps positive changes in the body for a long time.

Unlike conventional stimulants, Hooligan gives a cumulative effect, increasing the quality of partners’ sexual life day by day.


The composition of

Capsules features 100% natural composition. The formula includes plant extracts and natural ingredients.

  1. Ginseng. Improves well-being in general, increases endurance, stimulates cardiac activity, improves the condition of blood vessels. Has an active influence on the sexual sphere.Responds to blood supply to tissues and organs.
  2. Peruvian poppy. Increases the activity of spermatozoa, normalizes the hormonal background, restores strength, stimulates sexual desire, improves masculine health.
  3. Dereza is Chinese. Cleans the blood of toxins, normalizes the flora in the genitals, improves the functioning of the bladder and kidneys, strengthens the immune system. Tones, restores sexual functions, increases potency.
  4. Extract of oysters. Improves the flow of spermatogenesis. Stimulates sexual desire, improves sperm quality.
  5. Complex of amino acids. Normalize metabolism, help control premature ejaculation, increase sensitivity during intercourse.

Active components of the drug supplement and strengthen each other’s action. Capsules show efficacy in all cases, except extensive organic lesions.

Instructions for use

1-2 capsules of the drug must be taken 10-30 minutes before the proposed act. The drug has a powerful effect after the first dose. Coursework promotes the restoration of sexual functions.

Opinion of specialists

Capsules Hooligan consist of natural plant components, which eliminates the negative chemical effects on the body. The drug does not become addictive, the development of allergic reactions is excluded. Capsules simply help to loosen up.They activate the necessary centers in the brain, provide a response to the impulses of the genital organs. The blood filling of the cavernous bodies improves, and a stable erection is guaranteed. Sexual dysfunction gradually disappears.

Marco, Andrologist


Customer Reviews

Failures happen to everyone, even at my age it is not uncommon. With our rhythm of life. The combination of an extract of oysters and ginseng I have already met, it is quite effective. A friend once brought as a souvenir from a business trip to China. Therefore I ordered the capsule without thinking. I liked that even one-time help. By myself I can say: the effect comes in about 25 minutes. I tried at the same time with a small amount of alcohol, the effect does not decrease.

Jack, 36 years old, Thailand


Simultaneously with sexual problems, strange pains appeared in the groin. I connected this business and went to the clinic. Have found out an adenoma. The doctor after a short examination advised sanatorium treatment and drink vegetable capsules Hooligan. He drank for 3 weeks while he was treated at a sanatorium.Now I feel great, no pain, no problems in terms of sex.

Magnus, 49 years, Norway

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