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Fresh Fingers
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Fresh Fingers is an effective remedy for fungus. Buy in Ireland at a discount!

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Fungus on the feet is a familiar problem. Getting rid of a seemingly trivial nuisance is not always easy. Many drugs can be tried to no avail. And you can immediately choose an effective – Fresh Fingers deodorant spray. This reliable product controls perspiration and prevents unpleasant foot odor.

Fresh Fingers Benefits

Fresh Fingers is 100% effective against foot fungus. The disease is treated quickly and successfully. With regular use, the product completely destroys fungal spores, neutralizes the unpleasant odor of the feet, eliminates itching, redness and flaking of the skin between the fingers.

The product is certified: made from plant raw materials, Fresh Fingers is safe to use, does not have side effects, does not has contraindications. Moreover, it is very easy to use.

Fresh Fingers
Only today! 50% discount
98 € 49 €

About the composition

The Fresh Fingers formula is patented. Active ingredients:

  1. Climbazole. Antifungal and antimicrobial ingredient. Suppressing the fungus, prevents its spread, has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect. Soothes irritated skin, retains moisture.
  2. Peppermint essential oil. Also works as a strong antiseptic, destroying viruses and germs. Relieves pain, soothes itching, helps the skin retain moisture, and heals it. Pleasantly cools the treated area of ​​the foot.
  3. Farnesol. The most active antimicrobial agent. Suppresses the growth and reproduction of fungi. Fights unpleasant odor, eliminates it, enhances the mint aroma.
  4. Vitamin E. Promotes rapid healing of wounds, regenerates the skin, softening it and eliminating flaking.

How to use Fresh Fingers correctly

It is very easy to use the spray, but for greater efficiency you should take into account the recommendations:

  • wash your feet thoroughly, paying particular attention to the toes and the areas between them;
  • wipe dry, it is especially important to dry the areas between the toes;
  • spray the feet, toes and areas between them;
  • use twice a day ( morning and evening).

Attention! Do not allow the drug to get into open wounds and eyes.

Expert opinion

dermatologist-venereologist (Hungary):

Foot fungus in our time, unfortunately, is a very popular disease. I recommend Fresh Fingers to my patients for the prevention and treatment of feet already affected by fungus. Its composition is completely natural, the drug does not bring any side effects or harm to the body It fights mycosis effectively. Even the most severe itching is suppressed, redness goes away, the skin recovers well. The main condition is to apply regularly, twice a day, spraying clean dry feet with a spray. With Fresh Fingers you will forget about the fungus for a long time.

Fresh Fingers
Only today! 50% discount
98 € 49 €

Customer reviews of Fresh Fingers

Ratana (Thailand):

I bought Fresh Fingers for my husband, he got a fungus somewhere, I suffered, tried different ointments, but the effect was small and not for long. I took a chance and ordered Fresh Fingers via the Internet. I liked at first that this is a spray, I somehow disdain to treat the affected areas with cream or ointment, you need to wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly. And the spray sprayed where necessary and that’s it! The naturalness of the product also captivates, you understand that there is no toxic effect on the liver. But the most important thing is its effectiveness. Itching decreases immediately after application, and then completely disappears. No unpleasant odor appears. Redness goes away after several uses. The husband has completely got rid of the problem, now he uses it periodically for prophylaxis.

Pavao (Croatia):

sweating feet pestered me for a long time, I was ashamed to take off my shoes at a party or in a store when I need to try on shoes. I tried folk methods, pharmacy ointments. When I came across an advertisement on the Internet Fresh Fingers immediately ordered and did not regret it. It works perfectly: there is no smell and itching, redness and peeling quickly passed. In the summer I use it for prevention when I put on closed shoes (shoes, sneakers). Use it boldly, I recommend!

Sam (Belgium):

I work at a construction site, and there, even in the summer heat, you have to wear closed shoes. Feet sweat, fungus is a constant phenomenon. When you change your shoes in the evening to go home, the smell from your feet is still the same! The employee’s wife bought Fresh Fingers spray. He noticed that his legs sweat less, there is practically no smell. I also ordered such a product for myself. I spray on clean feet and immediately get great relief, it doesn’t itch between my toes, it cools pleasantly, the aroma is refreshing. The fungus gradually cured completely. I use it for prophylaxis when needed.

Fresh Fingers
Only today! 50% discount
98 € 49 €