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Femmax: the perfect capsules for increasing female libido! Buy in Ireland, UK, USA with 50% discount


Women understand that comfortable intimate relationships depend on their libido. Whatever problems the ladies have to face, their sexual energy can suddenly manifest. In case of difficulties in sexual life, we recommend the special preparation Femmax. It will help increase arousal, wake up the passion. You will get an intense orgasm, satisfying both yourself and your partner. Enjoy the kind of sex you haven’t had before.

About the product

Many women do not experience satisfaction in their sexual life. But now there are Femmax tablets that allow you to control your own libido. The drug is designed to allow women to also benefit from sexual intimacy, just as effectively as it does for men.

Long waiting for improved intimate life is no longer required. Independently control your libido, use the power of Femmax to release the previously hidden sexual potential. This is necessary for maximum satisfaction – every woman deserves it!



The active ingredients of the tablets are as follows (mg / capsule):

  • Muira puama – 100;
  • L-Arginine – 100;
  • Niacin – 8.06;
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract – 20;
  • Ginger – 20;
  • American, Korean and Siberian ginseng – by 17;
  • zinc gluconate – 34.84;
  • Damian herb (extract) – 100;
  • Artichoke leaves (extract) – 50.

Auxiliary components:

  • cellulose – 86.1;
  • magnesia stearate – 18;
  • colloidal silica – 12.

How to apply the tool, how it affects the body

After consuming Femmax tablets, a more intense sex life awaits the woman, she becomes confident, open to previously unknown impressions. Each drunk capsule enhances previously achieved results, increases the rate of changes in sexual arousal. The greater the concentration of drug ingredients accumulated by the body, the better!

Femmax is a female food supplement, it helps to kindle inner sexual fire, completely changing the further intimate life. Thanks to the capsules, the lady gains confidence at sexual intimacy, fully liberating herself, reaching an enchanting orgasm, and getting incredible delight from sex!

The recommended dosage depends on individual factors. Doctors advise to use Femmax 1-2 times daily, preferably one hour before sexual intercourse. An overdose of the drug is impossible, because the body removes all excess substances in a natural way in a natural way, although it will not have an additional effect. A positive result is the regular use of Femmax tablets.

Expert opinion

I always recommend the use of the drug Femmax to both young women suffering from false frigidity, and to women over 40, in whom their sexual inclination is somewhat reduced due to natural changes in their reproductive function. Taking pills allows you to reliably maintain and enhance intimate life, thereby preserving the beauty of the body and enhancing women’s health.

Sixten, sexologist, Sweden


Customer Reviews

I only drink Femmax, I don’t want to hear anything about the other drugs that increase female sexuality. The effectiveness of this tool is amazing, before its use it firmly believed that enchanting orgasms – an invention of writers and filmmakers.But when I tried to drink these capsules, it turned out that this was not a figment!Now my body is experiencing fantastic sensations after intimacy! Definitely vote for Femmax.

Lucija, 28 years old, Croatia


 I want to add my voice to the piggy bank of positive feedback about Femmax capsules. I join the women recommending these pills. I did not notice an increase in my sexual activity immediately, about a month after I started using capsules. But it really happened and now I understand that sex is incredibly cool!

Martina, 32 years old, Spain


I acquired Femmax to increase my own potency, since the hormonal changes of the age began, which led to the fact that sexual intimacy completely ceased to satisfy me. I liked the effect of the pills, because I felt an instant effect, in bed with my husband I feel absolutely relaxed, shyness and stiffness, provoked by age and not so perfect figure as in my youth, disappeared. I am excited incredibly strongly, once I even experienced two orgasms during one sexual intercourse, which had never happened before in my long practice. I recommend all ladies in the period of menopause to use such a wonderful tool to prolong the age period when maximum satisfaction is achieved.

Fifika, 43 years old, Romania

Only today DISCOUNT 50%!
£46 £23