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Femin Plus
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Femin Plus – stimulant for women. Buy in Canada, UK, USA with 50% discount

Femin Plus
Reduction of libido in women can occur for various reasons: hormonal failure, menopause, nervous overstrain and stress. Some women by nature have low sexual appetites, which can cause problems in the relationship, a decrease in self-esteem and depression. After all, healthy sex is very important not only for men, but also for women’s health. Therefore, the development of drugs to increase female sexual desire is one of the important areas of modern pharmacology.And today such a tool already exists! This is Femin Plus, which can be called a “Viagra for Women.”

How Femin Plus Works

Femin Plus – an innovative drug that effectively increases female libido and has a comprehensive beneficial effect on the body. The remedy is simply irreplaceable for such symptoms as:

  • vaginal dryness syndrome;
  • pronounced signs of the onset of menopause;
  • absence of attraction to the partner and sexual arousal;
  • lack of orgasm, dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse;
  • impossibility of concentration on the sexual certificate or act.

Femin Plus

Femin Plus has many advantages over other tools designed to improve the quality of sexual life.

  • rapid, pronounced effect;
  • improvement of blood flow to the genitals;
  • relief of tension;
  • increased sensitivity during sexual intercourse;
  • production of lubricant;
  • increased desire and increased libido;
  • light and bright attack of orgasm;
  • the disappearance of painful sensations during contact;
  • normalization of hormonal balance;
  • hypoallergenic and no side effects ;;
  • Ease of use;
  • affordable price.

Femin Plus


Carefully selected composition Femin Plus has a complex pronounced effect on the female body. All the components of the drug are absolutely natural.

  • l-arginine HCl improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and increases sensitivity, promotes the release of lubricant;
  • fenugreek – strengthens female libido, improves the condition of hair and skin, regulates hormonal balance;
  • the seeds of cocoa have a positive effect on health, have an easy calming effect, tone up;
  • poppy Peruvian – a strong aphrodisiac, enhances sexual attraction;
  • bioperin (extract of black pepper) improves blood circulation of genital organs;
  • Zinc is one of the key minerals for increasing libido;
  • leaves of Damiana – a powerful aphrodisiac, which has a particularly strong effect on women, regulates the hormonal background;
  • ginseng – also a natural aphrodisiac, tones, relieves nervous tension;
  • the root of licorice in the composition of Femin Plus stimulates the production of estrogens;
  • Gingko biloba improves blood circulation and enhances sensitivity to touch;
  • Vitamin E, being one of the main “female” vitamins, helps to increase sexual desire, moisturize the mucous membranes, relieve nervous tension, regulate the menstrual cycle, improve the skin condition;
  • Vitamin B6 reduces fatigue, regulates hormone levels.

Instructions for use

  1. When using Femin Plus, the following simple guidelines should be followed:
  2. Capsules should be drunk 2 times a day, preferably 30 minutes before meals.
  3. It is recommended to drink each capsule with a glass of water.
  4. The standard course of Femin Plus application is 30 days. After a while, if necessary, you can repeat.

Femin Plus

Expert recall

Pierre, a sex therapist (France):

“People often come to me with reduced libido, anorgasmia, a vaginal dryness syndrome. Literally a few years ago, these phenomena required a long and not always effective therapy, today I appoint Femin Plus. This is the newest development on a natural basis, which helps make the sexual life bright and intense, strengthen the desire, help to test orgasm for women who have problems with it. The remedy is very effective, and most importantly – absolutely safe, unlike many other drugs of similar effect.”

Customer Reviews for Femin Plus

Tessa, 26 years old (Netherlands):

“I always had problems with orgasm. So I was very shy when it came to intimacy.Last year I met a wonderful guy, I really wanted to give him a truly unforgettable night. The doctor advised Femin Plus. I have been drinking these capsules for 2 weeks already, and so far we are all fine! I even finally managed to experience an orgasm!”

Femin Plus

Rebecca, 48 years old (United States):

“With the onset of menopause, libido has significantly decreased. And her husband has a strong sexual constitution, and he steadily wants to have sex 2-3 times a week. My friend advised to try capsules Femin Plus – said that they really helped her. I drank one course and are very happy. Sexual attraction returned, and sensitivity increased markedly. Our sex life is now almost as stormy as it was in our youth!”

Femin Plus
Only today DISCOUNT 50%
79 $ 39.20 $