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The male genitourinary system is subject to a large number of negative factors. Inflammatory processes and stagnation can occur in any year of life. The usual symptoms of pain and impaired urination are joined by potency problems and stress. To support men’s health, eliminate sexual dysfunctions, and solve erection difficulties, a natural drug Erofertil has been created. It regulates the work of the sexual, endocrine, nervous systems, has a positive effect on mood and well-being in general.

What is Erofertil

A product based on herbs, bee products, seafood and other natural ingredients helps to correct a whole range of violations. Tablets are easy to use, have no contraindications, have clinically proven efficacy.

Erofertil action:

  • eliminates inflammation in the organs of the genitourinary system;
  • normalizes the synthesis of testosterone, provides a healthy balance of hormones;
  • improves metabolism;
  • interferes with the development of neuropathy;
  • relieves nervous tension;
  • improves the condition of blood vessels;
  • eliminates stagnation in the prostate;
  • prevents the development of infection;
  • boosts immunity;
  • helps to recover from injuries and illnesses;
  • eliminates erectile dysfunction;
  • increases the potency.

Erofertil – a broad-spectrum tool. It has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, sedative effect. It acts on the organs of the urogenital system, restores function without the aggressive involvement of chemicals.


Advantages in relation to other means:

  • has no side effects;
  • shown at any age men;
  • does not contain synthetic components;
  • does not affect blood pressure;
  • strengthens the heart muscle;
  • improves the quality of sex life.

Suppose taking simultaneously with alcohol.

The composition of the means to normalize potency

The structure of Erofertil includes 10 main active ingredients. The biogenic formula of extracts quickly penetrates the bloodstream, has a stimulating effect on the body, accumulates the effect in the cells.

Means for potency includes:

  • eurema root – stimulates testosterone production, improves the endocrine system, eliminates hormone imbalance;
  • extract of mussels and trepangs – increases the potency, stimulates sexual desire;
  • Esparcet – increases stamina, stimulates the immune system, has anti-inflammatory effect, improves the condition of the urogenital system, eliminates the negative effects of stress;
  • Burn-root – improves blood circulation, provides good filling of the cavernous bodies, improves the quality of erection;
  • red root – helps fight infections, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels;
  • Ginger – affects the immune system, fights inflammation, increases stamina and performance;
  • L-arginine – stimulates muscle activity, normalizes pressure, improves erection;
  • Zinc – improves the health of the prostate, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the genitourinary system and the function of organs in general;
  • Taurine – tones, stimulates activity;
  • black pepper extract – improves the bioavailability of other nutrients, enhances their effect on the body.


Timely taking Erofertil pills to forget about problems with achieving erection and premature ejaculation, to overcome the fear of intimate relationships, to feel determination and excitement in sex.

Application Instructions

The Erofertil pill can be taken just before intimacy for relaxation and self-confidence. For the therapeutic effect of the course requires a month. Dosage – 1 tablet per day, regardless of the meal.

Expert opinion

I advise my patients to engage in the prevention of violations of sexual and reproductive functions with the help of natural modern preparations. One of the best is Erofertil. Components are presented in bioavailable form. They instantly enter the bloodstream and act directionally. Immunity is stimulated, sexual possibilities are restored, and overall well-being improves. Side effect is only one thing – an increase in muscle mass and an increase in visual appeal for women. I advise you not to neglect the exchange rate method.

ธีร พง ษ์, andrologist


Customer Product Reviews

Everyone did not understand that they were not happy with my girl, I almost “got the roof down”. Then he tried Eerfertil and everything became clear. The difference is colossal.

Abelard, Germany


Ordered and presented. Just slipped into the glove box of the car. He did not ask anything, but the number of pills was constantly decreasing. In fact – as if two different people in bed. The one that the last, like incomparably more.

ห มิ ว, Thailand

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