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Denta Seal
Healthy by nature white teeth can boast of a small percentage of adults. Inadequate nutrition, bad water and ecology, as well as insufficient oral care lead to yellowing of the enamel, the appearance of cracks, chips, and the development of caries. Much harm brings bad habits.Tobacco smoke destroys the structure of the teeth, worsens the color of the enamel, reduces local immunity. Damaged teeth require regular treatment and professional care. An excellent alternative to expensive methods in the early stages of dental pathology is toothpaste Denta Seal with the effect of remineralization. Rich in minerals and active substances protects against yellowness, strengthens weak areas, reduces the sensitivity of teeth, prevents the development of caries.

Denta Seal

Principle of operation of Denta Seal

When creating Denta Seal, innovative technology is used. The composition of the product includes nano particles of hydroxyapatite, a natural component of the enamel of the teeth. The mineral is integrated into the enamel structure, protects sensitive parts of the tooth, returns natural whiteness.

Hypersensitivity appears as a result of thinning of enamel, its wear over the entire surface of the tooth or in certain areas. Most often, the process accompanies the opening of the dentin. With exposed dentin canals, external stimuli act on the nerve endings, causing pain.

Denta Seal

The process of recovery is as follows:

  • Nano Denta Seal toothpaste particles “seal” open tubules;
  • Protect the pulp from irritants;
  • Prevent the onset of pain;
  • Formed after application of the paste, a stable coating reduces sensitivity.

Regular use of the paste not only protects against tooth decay. There is also a restoration of natural white teeth. Enamel, covered with cracks, reflects the light worse, and therefore it seems darker than its natural color. The active substance fills irregularities and small cracks, creating a smooth surface that reflects light well. Teeth look whiter.

Pasta Denta Seal allows you to conduct regular sessions of tooth remineralization at home. This is the process of restoring the balance of minerals in the structure of tooth enamel, increasing strength, excellent prevention of dental diseases. Enamel can continue to perform its protective functions 100%.

Additional positive properties of Denta Seal toothpaste:

  • It nourishes the mucous membrane of the mouth, helps strengthen the roots;
  • Completely cares for the oral cavity;
  • Cleans plaque;
  • Reduces the activity of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Promotes dissolution of tartar;
  • Makes teeth a few tones lighter.

Denta Seal

Denta Seal

What does Denta Seal consist of?

The main component of Denta Seal paste is hydroxyapatite. The substance is a nano particle of the present natural enamel – the basis of its crystal lattice. Full compatibility allows the particles to be embedded in the tooth enamel, eliminating microcracks on the surface.

The production of liquid enamel is a laborious process. But it guarantees 100% efficiency and ease of use of funds on its basis.

Additional components in paste composition:

  • Enzyme of papaya juice. Cleaves protein compounds, cleans, prevents the rapid appearance of plaque;
  • Essential oils of citrus fruits. Gives a pleasant scent;
  • Silica. Eliminates plaque, perfectly cleans the surface of the teeth;
  • Carrageenan. The basis of seaweed for antibacterial action and enhancement of local immunity;
  • Glycerol. Makes the enamel smoother and shiny.

The natural remedy does not contain fluoride, eliminates the appearance of side effects.

Application Instruction

Denta Seal should be used as an ordinary toothpaste – in the morning and in the evening.Activation of components occurs at the time of mixing with saliva. Cleaning teeth should not last less than 3 minutes. An obvious effect is noticeable after 1 month of use.

Denta Seal

Denta Seal

Expert Reviews

สุ นิ ตา, dentist (Thailand):

“After the appearance of microcracks, the sensitivity of the teeth increases. The problem is familiar to most patients in dental surgeries. Denta Seal is an innovative product with nano particles for filling microcracks and leveling the enamel surface.Looking at my clients, I see how effectively the plaque is removed, enamel is strengthened, the bad breath disappears.”

Customer Reviews

Theodora (Bulgaria):

“There used to be dull teeth with small defects. And I considered them quite healthy. The situation radically changed after 2 months of using Denta Seal. Now the tooth enamel is really shiny and smooth, the cracks are filled.”

Denta Seal

Denta Seal

Lucia (Slovakia):

“We have a sweet tooth family. Therefore, the dentist has to visit more often than other people. Pasta Denta Seal advised a friend. It is pleasant to the taste and looks no different from other good toothpaste. One “but” – the state of teeth after a lapse of six months the whole family has improved noticeably. I recommend.”

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