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Collamask – Skin Rejuvenation UK Reduction 50 %

This tool will allow you to save on the salons substantial amount of money. Formula Collamask unique. Mask complex affects all layers of the skin, and helps to eliminate facial wrinkles, smoothes the skin, makes the complexion a fresh and enjoyable, eliminates the wide pores.

Action and application instructions Collamask

In Collamask composition contains active ingredients that penetrate all layers of the skin and reduced skin regeneration, normalize water exchange in cells contribute to the production of skin collagen. The product is suitable for women over 25 years.

With regular use Collamask with your skin visible changes occur. In the first week of the skin clear of dead cells, the complexion becomes fresher, pores narrowed markedly.

In the next couple of weeks, you will notice that the skin became more elastic, small wrinkles disappear. The next two weeks the skin is completely updated, there will be visible changes that will be visible to all. The effect of the application of the mask is cumulative and will please you for a long time.

The procedure for applying the mask will take you about 20 minutes. You should choose a convenient time so that nobody distracted. Apply a thick layer of mask. After 20 minutes, warm water rinse composition, and the moisture residues blot paper towel.

The recommended rate of application – 6 weeks. Owners of dry skin mask must be applied twice a week for other types of skin sufficiently once a week. As a result, studies have shown that Collamask does not cause allergies.

Composition Collamask

The mask is suitable for all skin types, because only natural ingredients in its composition. Among them:

collamask_singapure, uk

  • Vegetable oils and betaine. Vegetable oils are used for nutrition, hydration and softening skin. Betaine calms the skin, eliminates irritation and various rashes.
  • Blue clay. Saturates minerals cells, promotes healing of wounds and scars, has cleaning properties, toxins, pores.
  • Amino acids. Amino acids formed by the cleavage of proteins which are the building blocks for the skin. Collagen and elastin, so necessary for youth and beauty are also synthesized from amino acids.
  •  Collagen. He is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, retains moisture and restores the skin’s structure. We can say that the lack of collagen – the main cause of aging.
  • The essential oil of palmarosa. Due to its antiseptic properties, excellent for removing acne, dermatitis, eczema. Also stimulates the healing of scars, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes fat balance.
  •  sodium alginate. Increases tone subcutis and skin strengthens collagen fibers, normalizes moisture balance, activates the barrier properties, has a tonic effect, help reduce inflammation.

Where to buy Collamask in the UK?

Buy original means Collamask only on the official website of the manufacturer. You must specify svvoy phone in the application form. The operator will call you back to clarify details of the order.


You can ask him any more information or advice on the use of masks. Purchase means the site can be a 50% discount.

The results of applying Collamask, reviews and recommendations

Beautician Louis:

“The main feature of money is its natural structure, which does not cause addiction or allergies. Collamask passed clinical trials, which is an important fact, because health is most important. After treatment the skin looks fresh and rested, receives all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The mask is suitable for all skin types.”

Dermatologist Felina:

“Applying a mask to your customers, I noticed that promises manufacturers masks are met: inflammation decreases, slowing the aging process and the aging of skin, acne disappear. It is a proven tool for me and my clients.”

Tresy, 42 years old:

“The result of applying the mask I am very happy. My life was not entirely correct, I smoke, do not get enough sleep often, snacking on the go. The state of my skin was also imperfect: persistent acne, flaccidity and dryness. I did not have high hopes for the mask, just decided to try it. This is an amazing tool! I am 7 years younger Familiar always suspect me of a facelift, and compliments. I myself can not get enough!!”

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