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Cistus PlusThe immune system is our main defense against various diseases. However, stress, bad habits, lack of sleep, poor ecology lead to a decrease in immunity. To date, there are many means to stimulate the body’s defenses. One of the newest and most effective is Cistus Plus.

What is Cistus Plus.

Cistus Plus is a unique food supplement developed by scientists in accordance with the latest achievements in the field of immunology and medicine. Thanks to the use of this tool, you can completely get rid of chronic diseases, create a reliable shield to repel new attacks of viruses, parasites and bacteria, and significantly improve your health.
Cistus Plus has undergone numerous tests, and its effectiveness is clinically confirmed.

The drug has a number of advantages in comparison with similar means:

  • guaranteed fast effect;
  • complete safety for health;
  • absence of side effects;
  • natural composition and high quality;
  • the ability to take the drug at any age (including children);
  • powerful stimulation of immunity;
  • reliable protection against viruses, infections and parasites;
  • calming effect;
  • elimination of apathy and fatigue;
  • purification of the body of toxins and toxins;
  • antioxidant properties, protection against free radicals;
  • convenient application;
  • affordable price.

Cistus Plus


The preparation Cistus Plus contains exclusively natural components, which together have a strong stimulating effect.

  • cistus (cistus) is a valuable source of polyphenols. These substances have antioxidant properties and strengthen immunity, as well as strengthen the vascular walls, prevent the formation of thrombi and regulate lipid metabolism;
  • vitamin C – a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals, has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces fatigue. This is one of the most important vitamins for human health. Participates in the synthesis of interferon and lymphocytes, promotes the production of antibodies and phagocytes responsible for the destruction of viruses;
  • extract of bitter orange (orange) – has an anxiolytic, relaxing and soothing effect, strengthens the immune, digestive and respiratory systems, and reduces excessive appetite and promotes burning of fatty deposits;
  • rutin (vitamin P) – belongs to the group of flavonoids. Strengthens blood vessels, restores blood circulation, fights bacteria and viruses, strengthens body’s defenses;
  • extract of pomegranate seeds – clears from toxins and toxins, improves metabolism, has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • zinc – improves concentration, strengthens bones, participates in the production of interferons, improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair;
  • vitamin D3 – strengthens immunity, prevents cancer and thyroid disease, normalizes blood pressure.

Instructions for use

To make the effect of the Cistus Plus product optimal, it is necessary to use it according to an uncomplicated scheme.

  1. Every day, it is recommended to take 2 capsules 2 times a day.
  2. It is best to take Cistus Plus 30 minutes before meals.
  3. Capsules drink with a glass of water.
  4. The recommended course is 30 days. After a break, you can repeat it.

Cistus Plus

Expert feedback on Cistus Plus

Julia, immunologist-physician (Germany):

“I often encounter a decrease in immunity in patients. In such cases, I write out Cistus Plus – a new, but already well-proven tool that has been personally verified.Unlike most folk remedies (not always effective) Cistus Plus is easy to use, it acts quickly and gently, without harming your health, since it has a natural composition.After the course of application, the vast majority of patients note positive results, a decrease in the incidence and improvement of well-being.”

Cistus Plus

Customer Reviews

Silvia, 36 years old (Spain):

“I have been professionally engaged in vocals for many years, so it was important for me to find a means to maintain immunity. After all, any infections and colds are reflected in the voice. Recently I discovered Cistus Plus – a natural immunomodulating drug. After the course of admission did not hurt even once!And it’s been six months already!”

Cistus Plus

Esther, 40 years (Netherlands):

“Recently, the daughter of a schoolgirl often became ill with colds, she noted fatigue and lethargy. Perhaps this reduction in immunity is associated with increased stress in school. We decided to contact the immunologist, and he advised Cistus Plus. I liked its composition and reviews about this drug. My daughter drank it for a month and until she caught a cold. In addition, she noted a surge of energy and strength after taking. I think we will repeat the course 2 times a year.”

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